Special Equipment File

Weapon Accessories

Large Capacity Magazine

Cost: $15
Increase round capacity by 5. A Ruger KP93 would have an ammo capacity of 15, for example. If used, the weapon suffers a -2 on deception modifier.


Cost: $75
Makes the weapon silent. Each silencer must be specifically made for a certain weapon. The weapon suffers a -10 PWV modifier if used. The silencer takes two turns to attach or remove. Also, the weapon suffers a -10 deception. The weapon cannot be holstered with a silencer attached.

Barrel Extension/Muzzle Break

Cost: $75
Extends the length of the barrel, making the weapon more accurate. Adds +20 to the weapons PWV. If used, the weapon cannot be concealed (NC). The barrel extension takes two turns to attach or remove. This can be used in conjunction with a silencer, for an overall PWV increase of +10. The weapon will suffer a 25% weight gain, however.


Cost: $30
These will increase PWV by +10. However, if extended and attached, the weapon’s deception will be modified -12. If folded, the deception will be modified -6. Even if the stock is unattached, the weapon has a -6 toward deception because of modifications to the weapon.

Laser Targeting Emitter

Cost: $350
This small device usually attaches to the bottom of the barrel. When a very small amount of pressure is placed on the trigger, the laser projects on a target. The device increases overall PWV by +10, but the main use of this weapon is with the called shot rules. If an agent calls a shot with the emitter, He/she gets a -15 instead of the normal -50. The device modifies the weapon’s deception by -3. It also has a battery, which will power the device for 24 hours. Batteries are $5 dollars each. Like the silencer, the emitter cannot be placed on another weapon other than the one for which it was designed.

Tactical Flashlight

Cost: $120
A high-tech highly luminescent flashlight that attaches under the barrel of a pistol or submachine gun, this device allows normal firing conditions even in total darkness. The beam is aligned in such a way that it can be aimed with a narrow beam in dark conditions. It can also be adjusted for wide beam. If an enemy is blinded by the beam (focused on his/her eyes), he suffers a -50 offense modifier for the following five phases. The weapon cannot be concealed with the light attached (NC) and cannot be holstered.

Flashlight Silencer Combo

Cost: $110.00
This flashlight has two purposes: a flashlight and a weapon silencer. The unit looks like a standard Mag-Lite flashlight, although removing the bulb assembly allows the tube to be used as a silencer for the weapon of the agent’s choice. It can only be used on that weapon. The silencer can be made to fit a pistol, rifle, submachine gun, or carbine. However, because of the extra thick diameter of the tube, the weapon suffers a -15 on the PWV rating.

Cold Clip

Cost: $65.00
This recent development by the R&D section of the NSA is essentially a refrigerated gun magazine. Ice bullets have been used on occasion by snipers for years; however, snipers were usually limited to pulling a bullet out of a cooler or small refrigerator, for to keep them in the gun clip for any extended period of time allowed too much melting. Agents still must wait until directly prior to the shooting to chamber the first bullet. The modern ice bullet will not rust a gun barrel; they are made of a chemical other than water, and will melt much more slowly, until the round enters a target of 98.6 degrees F. Of course, even the slightest melting can cause the round to dislodge from its casing, or cause the weapon to misfire. The cold clip will prevent any melting; however it does require a battery change every 36 hours. Batteries cost $3.00 each. Ammunition capacity will match the normal magazine capacity for the given gun.

Backfire Gun

Cost: $150.00/modification
A weapon modification first used in the mid-1980s, this innovation allows a pistol to be switched for backward fire. It basically activates a second chamber in the weapon that holds a single round. When someone uses the gun other than the normal user, the gun fires to the rear, with the equivalent Offense of 50. With this Offense, combined with the weapon’s normal PWV, the shot percentage is calculated for point blank range. The round’s caliber is typically the same as that of the weapon’s normal bullets. The modification, while concealed within the gun, increases the weapon’s weight by 20%. The concealment rating is unchanged, however.

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