Special Equipment File

Clothing Items

Clothing Body Armor (Improved Body Armor)

Cost: $450.00/item
While passing as a normal item of clothing such as a shirt, the clothing body armor contains densely woven textile materials that can stop anything .38 and below, causing only 1 point of HTH damage.Higher caliber ammunition will cause limited penetration, resulting in half the normal damage.More recent developments of this armor (as well as with standard body armor) allow for wearing without loss of coordination.The armor will provide no protection from armor-piercing rounds.

Shoe Heel Compartment

Cost: $25.00 per modification
This simple implementation has been around a long time. It is simply a hollow compartment inside a shoe heel that can hold anything, provided it will fit. The compartment is often used to hold an escape kit to use in the event of capture. Sometimes the shoe’s laces are treated to burn at high temperatures to further aid in an escape attempt.

Hat Gas Mask

Cost: $150.00
The hat/gasmask combination was originally designed and produced by Interpol for its agents in the early 1980s. The basic design has been used and built upon by many other organizations. Essentially, it is hat, cap, helmet, or any sort of headwear with a pull-down section that goes over the face, much like a ski mask. When pulled down, a specially designed textile filter covers the mouth and nose, while malleable transparent rubber covers the eyes. When the mask is not pulled down out of the hat, it is completely undetectable unless the inside of the hat is observed. The gas mask acts as a normal one in every respect when used.

Compartmented Belt Buckle

Cost: $25,00
A simple but highly useful device, the compartmented belt buckle is basically a normal-looking bckle that swings open to reveal a shallow compartment. It will hold small items, and is often used to hold sleeping gas capsules that are specially designed to fit the compartment. The design has been made smaller in recent years, to comply with contemporary clothing styling. Often, agents place paper maps to use as an escape aid. The compartment will also contain one small Japanese throwing star–an implementation often used by Yakuza assassins.

Slit Compartment Belt/Cumberbun

Cost: $12.00
By turning this belt (or tuxedo cumberbun) over to reveal the backside, a slit can be opened to reveal a hidden “pocket” for concealment. A number of things could be hidden in this compartment, such as maps, currency, lockpick tools, a small thin knife, etc. This sort of concealment device is often employed by MI6 agents.

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