Special Equipment File

Cellular Telephones

Voice-Altering Phone

Cost: $350.00
This is a standard cellular phone in every manner except for a switch which activates a special function that disguises the user’s voice.This is useful when the agent the conversation is being monitored or recorded, or to disguise identity to the person on the other end of the line.The phone will have several settings that can be programmed via its normal dial keys, ranging from a young woman’s voice to a deep male voice.

Cell Phone with Voice Encryption

Cost: $3500.00
This is a normal cellular telephone in every respect except that it can encrypt one’s voice for transmission, and decrypt for receiving. The encryption will go unnoticed by the user, however; it is handled by a microprocessor within the phone automatically. An eavesdropper receiving the transmission will only hear garbled noise. This phone is sometimes issued to agents of the CIA on a per-mission basis when communication is needed. Other organizations have been quick to capitalize on the encryption phone’s use as well.

Two Way Closed Frequency Phone

Cost: 200.00
This is indeed a fully functional phone, yet there is a two way long range radio built in as well. By a quick three-digit code (or more) an agent can put the device into radio mode, transmitting on any one of a variety of closed frequencies. It may also be used in this way as a mobile scanner. In every respect, this phone looks completely normal.

Cell Phone Radio Detonator

Cost: $150.00
While fully functional as a cell phone, this device is usable as a radio detonator as well. A code activates the detonator routine, allowing a transmission to a detonation receiver upon the press of a button. There is no visible difference between the radio detonator phone and a standard one.

Cell Phone/Stun Gun

Cost: $ 250.00
First used by the CIA, the stun gun modification to the cellular phone is most effective.Pressing a three key code extends the voltage prongs from the bottom, and pressing another predetermined button activates the charge.The device does damage identical to the electric shock device found in the Companion rules, and thus does non-fatal damage toward unconciousness.To affect an enemy, this weapon must come in contact with the perpetrator, such as by sneak attack or HTH combat.The device is fully functional as a telephone as well.One overnight charge-up via normal cell phone charger will produce 5-10 charges (1d10 /2+5), rolled and kept confidential by the administrator.

Cell Phone Electronic Bomb

Cost: $50.00-500.00 (depending on explosive power)
Devised by MI6, the cell phone bomb will function as a normal cell phone, though it has a much more lethal use. If a certain code is programmed into the phone, then a time period entered in minutes, the device can be armed as a time bomb. It will explode at the end of its countdown, doing whatever damage is appropriate for the explosive it contains. It may hold any type of non-liquid explosive, provided the amount is no more than four ounces. The phone uses smaller-than-normal circuitry to allow room for the explosive material. The cost relation to the explosive amount is up to the Administrator.

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