Special Equipment File

by Jimmy Anderson, Chris Johnson, Brent York, and Craig York

The SE File is a compendium of specialized equipment available to the agent through his or her bureau.

Prices are included for agents who have not been issued the devices for mission purposes.


Umbrella Pistol

Cost: $600.00
This fully functional umbrella has a handle that can be detached from the umbrella shaft and used as a standard 9mm pistol. The handle can be detached with a sharp twist, which will also cause the pistol’s trigger to extend. The pistol has no magazine, but is designed to carry two rounds in the chamber. The umbrella is identical to a normal umbrella in every way except that it weighs about 4 lbs more. Below are the weapon statistics for the umbrella pistol:


Umbrella Sword

Cost: $50.00
This umbrella has a two-foot long sword hidden inside its shaft. It is usually detached with a strong tug on the handle. It is a weapon that is virtually identical to a foil/epee, so it has their characteristics for combat.

Cane Pistol

Cost: $600.00
Weapon works exactly like the umbrella pistol, except that it is a cane. It uses the same pistol mechanism in the handle, so modifiers are the same.

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