Zimmer, Reece

by Jim Miller

STR 64
REF 56
INT 50
WIL 50
CON 61
MOV 57
DEX 50

Sex: Male
Race: White
Nationality: American
Native Language: English
Age: 41
Psychological Profile: Unknown!
Advantages: Acute Vision (1), Contact – Roxy, Orion Headquarters Access (2), Toughness (3)
Disadvantages: Ego Signature – unique, custom-made ring stamps imprint of American Eagle in the flesh of the person he punches (2), Phobia – fear of being trapped or locked in small places (was imprisoned as POW in ‘tiger cages’) (1), Sense of Duty (3)
Skills: Basic Firearms (0), Basic Heavy Weapons (0), Basic Melee (0), Boxing – Blind-Fighting, Attack/Defend, Multiple Attacks (5), Club/Axe/Blackjack (0), Driving/Automobile (1), Driving/Motorcycle (0), Grenade (1), Parachuting (1), Pistol (2)

Background: Zimmer has a military background with US forces. At the epitome of his military career, he rose to the rank of Captain in the secretive Delta Force (Airborne). Here, he was trained primarily in anti-terrorist tactics and techniques, and specialized in hostage rescue and extraction. The Cap is now “retired” and runs a little “bar” in Trenton NJ. This serves as a safe house for Orion Operatives. He is known to take several “vacations” a year and is known to travel to quite exotic locations on the spur of the moment. Zimmer is a large, well built man, about 6 ft 7 inches and 285 lbs. He is now 41 years old, and so has lost some of the “edge” he had in his youth, but is still an imposing physical specimen, much more than the average man wants to deal with. His hand to hand pugilistic skills are his most refined asset. For a time, the service thought to groom him for Olympic competition in boxing, but decided to keep him in the field where his leadership, skills, and physical attributes were sorely needed. So, while Zimmer has never won an official boxing title, his performance in “unsanctioned” bouts are legendary throughout the US Armed Forces. In his younger days, Zimmer was involved in a secret US operation to rescue hostages, Operation Eagle Claw. It was a large, involved, dangerous operation and due to mecanical failure, lack of training, and a bit of nasty weather thrown in by mother nature, it failed. Zimmer was stricken! His beloved Delta Force had failed! He was not accustumed to failure. He went over and over the operation in his mind. He would learn from his mistakes. From their mistakes. From out of this, he has derived his own person slogan, “Planning, plus Training, plus Execution, plus Guts, equal Glory!” He is not known for being the sharpest leader, but one of the most successful. He is certainly meticulous, persevering, and thinks quickly on his feet. To go with his slogan, he commisioned the manufacture of his own personalized ring. Upon it, a US Eagle is depicted swooping in for the kill. Its talons are thrown forward, closing around an initial in each claw – R.Z. Above the eagle are the letters USOEC. When Zimmer scores a direct hit in hand to hand, the opponent is marred with an imprint from this ring. When Zimmer is ordered from superiors, “No calling cards, Zimmer! The eagle had better NOT LAND on this mission!” he turns the eagle in to the palm side of his hand so that it will not leave evidences of his handiwork. Captain Zimmer will lead, if called to do so, but he prefers not to at this stage in his life. If another is leading, he will precisely follow orders, unless doing so seems totally stupid, or supremely unethical. Zimmer is always loyal to party members, unless they have proven to him that his loyalty is not deserved. He will not leave another behind. Zimmer is not currently married. He is a widower, losing his wife, Kathlene, to inoperable brain cancer eight years ago. The wound is lessoned, after the passage of time, and he could see himself being involved in a relationship again, if the right woman came along. He has no children. He is married to his “bar”, and to Orion.

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