Wright, Charlton ‘Charlie’ J

by Unknown

STR 56
REF 78
INT 56
WIL 32
CON 50
MOV 88
DEX 68

Sex: Male
Race: African American
Nationality: American
Native Language: English
Age: 29
Psychological Profile: Cruelty – Low, Sanity – Some, Passion – High, Loyalty – High, Selfishness – Some, Piety – Some
Advantages: Artistic Ability (2), Athletic Ability (2), Empathy (2)
Disadvantages: Dependant – mother in NYC (2), Enemy – Beardsley, UK “Dealer” (2), Moral Qualms – stealing from the poor/innocent… Justice (2)
Skills: Acting (0), Basic Liberal Arts (0), Basic Melee (0), Climbing (0), Drive – Automobile (0), Fine Arts (0), French (1), Lockpicking (0), Oriental Martial Arts – Jeet Kune Do (0), Safecracking (0), Social Chamelion (0), Stealth (0)

Background: Charlton “Charlie” J. Wright was born in 1973 into a working class family in Harlem, NYC. Charlie or CJ (as he only allows his friends to call him) never knew his father, Jared, as he was killed in Vietnam. His mother, Violet, somehow managed to raise her family of four (Jared Jr. “JJ”, Charlene, Rose, and CJ, from oldest to youngest) on her salary working as the PR representative for the Guggenheim Museum in NYC. Violet instilled a strong love of the arts in all of her children, but especially in CJ who was always fascinated by the works of the masters. Additionally, Violet Wright made a point of impressing on her children the idea of right and wrong; and that with so much poverty the decadence of the rich did was wrong. It is almost certain that she did not intend for that to be a justification for “thieving” from the rich, as she calls it. However, growing up in a poorer neighborhood, CJ, got to know about all about “thieving” via daily exposure to both petty and organized crime. As a minor, he had his fair share of run-ins with the law… mostly for Mercedes break-ins and burglaries in the uptown apartments of the wealthy. On his 18th birthday, his mother made him promise to stop “any activities which could jeopardize his future”. As a result of growing up amongst crime and running from alternately thugs, gangs, and the police, CJ developed into quite a versatile sprinter. After High School, CJ won a dual scholarship to the NYU Sorbonne (the famous French art school) for sprinting and art. While studying Art, CJ discovered that it was hard to sell his paintings in either, regardless of their obvious quality and his natural talent. At the same time, he discovered the NYC/Paris black markets that dealt with stolen art works and high-priced jewelry. At some point, he met Pierre DeLaCroix, a practiced Cat Burglar, Con man and Art Thief. Under the tutelage of DeLaCroix, CJ quit Art School and began refining the skills he learned on the streets of Harlem and using them to go after the really “big-ticket items”. Two years ago, DeLaCroix booked a job with a beautiful Japanese woman by the name of Ms. Ayako Matumoto.Unbeknownst to them at the time, Ayako was a Web Operative. She hired DeLaCroix and CJ to steal a briefcase from the safe (in NYC) of wealthy British Art Dealer, Dr. Phillip Beardsley. Actually, “The Doctor” (as he is known) is a freelance dealer of many things. To this day, whenever possible, Beardsley makes his life difficult. As they say, curiosity killed the cat… after acquiring the case DeLaCroix and CJ looked in the case and discovered that it contained US missile secrets. They hid the case and planned to meet up later to decide what to do. Instead, DeLaCroix panicked and left the country for Europe (with the case). Matumoto went after CJ and hit his brother, JJ instead. Eventually, she caught up with DeLaCroix in London and acquired the case. CJ, using his connections in NYC, tracked Matumoto to London and was about extract some vengeance when he was recruited by Orion…

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