Watson, Robert

by John Black

STR 65
REF 65
INT 61
WIL 34
CON 50
MOV 65
DEX 63

Sex: Male
Race: White
Nationality: Australian
Native Language: English
Age: 31
Agent Number: Redison (Red) 4
Psychological Profile: Cruelty – Some, Loyalty – Some, Passion – Total, Piety – None, Sanity – High, Selfishness – High
Advantages: Animal Friendship (1), Fearlessness (2), Hand-Eye Co-ordination (3)
Disadvantages: Addiction (2), Ego Signature (2), Enemy (2), Gambling (2)
Skills: Basic Firearms (0), Basic Mechanic (3), Basic Tool Use (0), Concealment (0), Driving/Automobile (4), Hand Grenade (0), Pistol (0), Rifle (2), Stealth (0), Sub-machine Gun (0)

Background: Born in 1969 in Darwin, Australia and named Robert Waterman, Red is 6′ tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. He learned to drive on Kakadu National Park aged 7 and by the age of 16 was racing at local dirt tracks and winning. His career progressed slowly until he hit the big time in NASCAR in the US. Gambling and drinking led to trouble with the Mafia to whom he owed $250,000 after crashing a race he was supposed to win. Just previous to this he was scouted by Orion, they saw the lever that could be used to tame Red and paid off his gambling debt. However, the threat of death still hangs over Red, the Mafia, like elephants, do not forget. Red largely has his drinking under control but chain smokes now instead. His gambling too no longer controls his life, but he still loves a flutter. Recently Redison has developed an ego signature, a small calling card with a picture of a NASCAR in black on one side and a red four on the reverse. Day to day Red lives, works and plays as Robert Watson, a racing driver. He drives for the Pontiac/BASF team as their number 2 driver and test driver, where his aptitude for anything mechanical is almost as good as his skill at driving. Red lives in a small basement apartment in Chicago with 2 cats, and has a woman that looks after the house for him when he is on the road. When travelling, Red stays in low key hotels or B&B where he enjoys the personal touch. His psychological profile lists him as having some cruelty, he is not afraid to run people off the road and will consider shooting rather than taking prisoners. His loyalty is shaky except to himself when it is total, he is sane and thinks clearly and hard about things he is involved in, like many at the turn of the century, he is irreligious. Since working for Orion, Red has been trained in firearms and has shown aptitude for snipping and is following a career in that direction, learning concealment and stealth. His favourite weapons are the H&K MP5, .38 special and H&K G3 rifle. He loves grenades and will use them whenever he can.

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