Titan Teams

By Simon D Emmett and Neil “Todd” Bulleyment with assistance from Dale C Blessing


The titan teams were first formed in the 1971 in direct response to the terrorist activities of the Red Army Faction (also known as Baader-Meinhof), the Italian Red Brigades and the French anarchist Direct Action who were initiating a new campaign of left wing urban terrorism on the European mainland. These terror cells were both initiated and trained by a long running WEB program to sow the seeds of chaos throughout Europe. To combat this threat, the Titan program was created as a special commando group, but as the years passed and the threats from the WEB and others increased; there needed to be an rapid expansion of personnel and a upgrade in the training of the Titan Teams.

In 1986 a retired Brigadier of the British army who had served with the 22nd Special Air Service and MI6, was recruited to restructure the Titan program. The necessary increase in training regime and personnel happened when their new training facilities in 1989 opened called “Station Prometheus” or as it’s publicly called “Uncle Sam’s Executive Combat Ranch” or to the training cadre ‘the ranch’. To the average onlooker it is a place where wealthy businesspersons from all over the world can play at being commandos for a week’s course which also facilitates weekend team building exercises. In truth, it trains titan team personnel and Orion field agents.

Program Titan – Organisation

The Titan teams comprise twenty-four Alpha Teams, three Bravo Teams and one Charley Team.

Alpha teams are located in the Orion bases in New York City, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Moscow, Stockholm, Casablanca, Nairobi, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney. Two Alpha Teams staff each station; each Alpha team comprises three tactical deployment squads of four operators per squad. Both Alpha Teams are backed up by six Orion support personnel three to handle round-the-clock communications, one as an armourer and two as transport specialists.

Orion also have three Bravo Teams located at the ranch in Texas, and can deploy anywhere in the world within 30 hours. Charley Team is also at the ranch and run recruit selection, Orion training programs and maintaining the cover of the combat ranch.

Personnel Breakdown

24 Alpha Tactical Deployment Teams (288 operators)
3 Bravo (Special Operations/Commando) Teams (36 operators)
Orion Support Agents (80 agents)
Charley (Training) Team (25 personnel)
Total manpower is 429 personnel

Alpha Teams

The Alpha teams operate as a dual role counter terrorist rapid deployment unit and hostage rescue team. When not operating in these roles, they provide assistance within their Orion field stations. Each Orion field station has two Alpha teams stationed there on a 48 hour rolling standby or rest rotation. When called on by station chief the titans are ready for immediate deployment.

Alpha Team leaderOrion Station
David PetersonCapricorn
Benito HidalgoAquarius
Carman VegaAries
Ivan SidorovCancer
Bjorn OlafssonTarsus
Nawal MohamedVirgo
Jalo DaigraLeo
Dursel FekkeshScorpio
Jung LeppLibra
Koji TogakureSagittarius
Bruce RamseySydney

Bravo Teams

Whilst the Alpha teams work as a counter terrorist unit, the Bravo teams provide a more traditional commando element. They are trained along the classic lines of many Special Forces units around the world and are armed with some if not the best and latest weapons that the Ganymede Bureau can supply. Bravo teams are perhaps the best and most intensively trained personal of the Titan program. There are three Bravo teams with a small pool of former personnel should any emergency arise which are fully staffed and are located at the Ranch in Texas.

The teams are designated RED team, commanded by Dwight Smiley; BLUE team, commanded by Bradley James Winterfed; and GREEN team by Ling “Joey” Tong. All Bravo teams are 12 man strong special operation commando teams. On a typical raid, the team will split into two sections the first forming the close assault section and the second acting as a fire support and security section.

Call SignTeam Position/Responsibility
Bravo-(colour)-1Team Leader/overall tactical command
Bravo-(colour)-2Scout-Sniper/forward patrol elements
Bravo-(colour)-3Scout-Spotter/forward patrol elements
Bravo-(colour)-4Advanced Guard/lead man in main patrol element
Bravo-(colour)-5Communications specialist/radio operator and remote device controller
Bravo-(colour)-6Combat Medic/First aid and well-being of the team
Bravo-(colour)-7Fire Support specialist/operates team machine gun
Bravo-(colour)-8Demolitions Specialist/Blowing stuff all to hell
Bravo-(colour)-9Heavy weapons/rockets, mortars or other mission specific big guns
Bravo-(colour)-10Intelligence specialist/multi linguist and interrogator/negotiator
Bravo-(colour)-11Entry specialist/security systems expert
Bravo-(colour)-12Second in command/ Rear Guard-Grenadier

Charley Team

Based in Texas at the Ranch, Charley team are responsible for two tasks; the training and evaluating of all current and prospective Project Titan officers and candidates; and the training of Orion field agents. All the members of Charley Team are themselves former Alpha and Bravo team operators who recognise that perfection cannot be maintained forever. Attached to the twenty-five strong Charley team are an additional twenty Orion agents to handle the day-to-day administration of this training facility and to maintain the cover operation of a functioning (and profitable) business. The Charley teams also staff the Titan Team Murder Committee whose job is to look at any plan/operation undertaken by a Titan Team and then using their vast operational experience to plan contingences for what may go wrong. The cover business at Texas generally has a civilian group pass through its doors once every three weeks.

Selection and Training

The Ranch runs two selection courses per year, one in summer the other in the middle of winter. Each cadre or group of candidates as the training officers generally refer to them starts about 50 personnel strong when they reach the ranch but to get there they must first pass a selection assessment.

  1. Gain permission from your section chief to apply for Titan selection, have at least five years working for the Orion Foundation and a good record. Then pass a meticulous security and background check (if failed the agents are removed from Orion Foundation).
  2. Medical/Psychological evaluation
    Gender: Not applicable Titan team members can be of either sex
    Nationality: Not normally limited, Alpha team members tend to pass for the locals of the Orion station where they are based.
    Appearance: In between five feet and six-foot tall, overweight agents fail selection at this point.
    Age: Twenty-four plus years old (take note of the aging effects from forty years onwards.)

    Psychological Profile
    Cruelty: Selection failed if rated No or Total
    Loyalty: Selection failed if rated No or Low
    Passion: Selection failed if rated No, Low or Total
    Sanity: Selection failed if rated No, or Low
    Selfishness: Selection failed if rated No or Total
    Piety: any rating is ok as long as religion does not affect standard operational practices

    Disqualifying Tags
    Heavy Drinking, Depressed/Morose, Nervous/Fidgety, apologetic/meek

    Disqualifying Disadvantages
    Addiction, Clumsiness, Colour Blind, Cowards, Deep sleeper, Ego Signature, Hearing Impairment, Illiteracy, Night Blindness, Overweight, Short Winded, Traumatic Flashback, Vision impairment

    Minimum Statistics
    STR 45 INT 45 REF 45 WILL 55 CON 55 MOV 45 DEX 45

Titan Team Basic Training

Basic Firearms01
Submachine gun17
Sniper rifle16
Hand Grenade13
Grenade Launcher13
Basic Heavy Weapons02
Rocket Launcher03
Basic Melee01
Martial Arts315
Drive Automobile14
Drive Truck14
Drive Boat13
First Aid311
Lock Picking17
Radio Operator34
Scuba Diving13

Alpha Team Advanced Training Updated Skills

Submachine gun+316
Sniper rifle+14
Hand Grenade+24
Grenade Launcher+24
Drive Automobile+312
Drive Truck+13
Drive Boat+12
Lock picking+26
Scuba Diving+12

Alpha Team Advanced Training Extra Skills

Basic Science02
Engineering (Civil/Elec/Mech)15

Alpha Team Advanced Training total points: 100
Basic training total points: 155
Points left to personalize character: +45

Bravo Team Advanced Training Updated Skills

Submachine Gun+14
Sniper Rifle+14
Hand Grenade+12
Grenade Launcher+24
Drive Automobile+13
Drive Truck+26
Drive Boat+12
Scuba Diving+24
Rocket Launcher+28

Bravo Team Advance Training Extra Skills

Survival (1st terrain)37
Survival(2nd terrain)37
Small craft Handling34
Rough Terrain Jumping01
Off Road Driving25
Counter tracking02
Basic Science02
Engineering (Civil/Elec/Mech)15

Bravo team advanced training total points: 123
Basic training total points: 155

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