Remmick, Dexter Blain

by Pete Betts

STR 29
REF 67
INT 78
WIL 53
CON 55
MOV 48
DEX 73

Sex: Male
Race: White
Nationality: American
Native Language: English
Age: 39
Agent Number: 691M
Psychological Profile: Cruelty – Some, Loyalty – Some, Passion – High, Piety – None, Sanity – High, Selfishness – None
Advantages: Acting Ability (2), Double Jointed (2), Obscure Knowledge (3), Toughness (4)
Disadvantages: Drug Addiction (1), Disavowed (3), Ego Signature (2), Enemy – KGB (2), Vindictiveness – Russians (2)
Skills: Acting (2), Basic Firearms (0), Basic Liberal Arts (0), Basic Melee (0), Basic Science (0), Basic Tool Use (0), Carpentry (0), Climbing (0), Concealment (0), Disguise (2), Driving/Automobile (0), Escape Artist (0), First Aid (0), Lip Reading (0), Lockpicking (0), Photography (0), Pickpocketing (0), Pistol (2), Radio Operator (0), Shotgun (0), Sleight of Hand (0), Social Chameleon (0), Stage Magic (0), Sub-machine Gun (0), Surveillance (2), Swimming (0), Throwing (0), Language – Polish (1), Language – Russian (3)

Background: Born in 1961, Dexter is 6’ tall with brown/blonde hair and blue eyes. He is from a circus entertaining family with his father being a famous magician. His father, a Polish national, met his wife whilst in the US where they married and had Dexter. Due to this, Dexter is very proud of his Polish-American heritage. Whilst on a European tour both parents were killed in an aeroplane accident, when a Russian MiG 27 shot down the airliner they were in over disputed airspace. Dexter, aged 15, was at boarding school at the time and has hated Russians with a passion ever since. Orion recruited Dexter when he was at university in Colorado. His natural acting ability and flair for disguise made him a prime candidate for surveillance training – his cover being that of a stage magician. More recently he had helped in the establishment of the Orion San Francisco office. At one stage Dexter had a fear of flying. His Orion team-mates have managed to cure him of his problem, but in the process have addicted him to tranquillisers. Additionally, Dexter’s ego signature is a playing card with the Magic Circle symbol on the reverse. Whilst on an infiltration mission, Dexter made some poor choices where white supremacists were concerned. This resulted in several deaths and the destruction of property. Dexter is now on the disavowed list and very much alone.

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