Phoenix, Jason

by William Althaus

STR 50
REF 65
INT 70
WIL 45
CON 45
MOV 58
DEX 68

Sex: Male
Race: White
Nationality: American
Native Language: English
Age: 24
Psychological Profile: Cruelty – Some, Sanity – Total, Passion – Some, Loyalty – High, Selfishness – Low, Piety – Low
Advantages: Contacts Everywhere (2), Eye-Hand Co-ordination (3), Sixth Sense (1)
Disadvantages: Ego Signature – Phoenix Pins (2), Code of Honor – Always defend your loved ones no matter what (Moral Qualms), never get mad, get even (Vengeful), the mission comes first (void when it is in conflict with #1) (1), Dependant – Amanda Dana Logan, wife (2), Enemy – Penny Scargo (1), Secret – assigned to find a Web mole, must maintain cover) (1)
Skills: Acting (0), Basic Firearm (0), Basic Melee (0), Basic Tool Use (0), Bureaucratics (0), Climbing (0), Disguise (0), Driving/Motorcycle (1), Fine Arts – Jewellery Appraising (0), Knife (0), Lockpicking (0), Music – Saxophone (0), Oriental Martial Arts – Arnis (Attack/Defend, Surprise Action, Vital Area) (3), Photography (0), Pistol (1), Safecracking (0), Security Systems (0), Social Chameleon (0), Stealth (0), Surveillance (1), Sword (1), Throwing (0)

Background: To ask Jason about his family you’ll get the same answer: “Don’t know, don’t care.” Found abandoned as a newborn at Our Lady of Mercy Orphenage in Des Moines, Iowa; he has made no attempt to discover his origins. At an early age he discovered a nack for picking locks and managed to break into the pantry for the assorted goodies that he shared with his friends. At the age of 11 he ran away from the Orphnage and hit the road and never looked back. For at least a year he lived off the spoils of his exploits, pawned watchs and walets. He made his way across the midwest, from Chicago and finally ending up in Ontario, Canada. He took up residence in an abandoned hotel and started to make a living as a thief. In his spair hours Jason read book upon book at the Ontario Libary (he sweet talked is way for a libary card). Here he chose his last name: Phoenix, after the mythical bird. He managed not to get caught until his path ran across a retired 50 year old English catburgler named James Connor. Connor was living in Canada after escaping US Federal Marshals on a false posession charge. He met up with the young rogue after Phoenix burglerized his hotel and stole his portable TV. He tracked Phoenix back to his make-shift hide-out. He was impressed with the amount of loot that Jason had aquired and was impressed when the youth gave back the stolen TV. Connor took the young rogue under his wing and began training him to be one of the best catbruglers of all time. At the tender age of 14 Phoenix began his 8-year carrier as a catburgler. Connor was his control, keeping the impetious youth under control (Phoenix loves to annoy his advacaries). Interpol began the infamous ‘Phoenix File’, called by the youths ability to shed his idenity and get away scott free and for the little bird-shaped pins found at the loaction of the robberies. Top invetigator Elliot Scargo was assigned to lead the investigation. Phoenix reveled in annoying Scargo by playing tricks, much against Connor’s wishes. An example: he would send notes to Scargo about his latest job and then rob the place across the street, all under Scargo’s nose. When Connor died of Colon Cancer when Phoenix was 17, the boy went all out and plunged into downward spiral of high-risk jobs. From robbing the German Embassy of important documents in Paris to hitting the local crimelords in Hong Kong for the proceeds of a Kickboxing tourney. Worst his little feud with Scargo took off to new hights when Phoenix totally destroyed his credit raiting. The taunts from Phoenix and his actions also took it’s toll on the frenchmans’ sanity. During a simple musuem robbery, a tip made it’s way to Scargo and he was waiting there to arrest Phoenix. After Phoenix resisited, Scargo began to open fire on the rogue and a fellow Interpol agent. Irishman Sean McCoy was wounded by Scargo. He would have been killed if not for the quick actions of Phoenix whom risked his own life to pull McCoy to safety. This was the straw that broke 2 donkeys backs. For Scargo, it almost led to his unemployment. Interpol re-evaluated the status of the ‘Phoenix File’ and downgraded it’s priority. They believed that it could not be one person whom was doing the crimes, but a large group of copycats. For Phoenix, the near death of an innocent by his actions forced him ot re-evaluate his life. He became best friends with Sean McCoy and started to slow down his activities. Interpol almost closed the case several times but Scargo had some dwindling influance to keep it open. For the last 4 years, he would only accept high-prices jobs where the risks of his exposure were a minimum. At this time both Orion and WEB had an interest in Phoenix (WEB had actually employed Phoenix for a few robberies, but Phoenix was unaware of it). It wasn’t until an assignment in Russia that he learned of the secret war between WEB and Orion from a cashe of Orion files he stole from a deep-cover operative. He turned the tables on his WEB employers and turned over a treasure trove of WEB documents that shut down a elaborate drug smuggling scheme. Director Cameron Smith took a great liking to the polite young man and offered him a deal. “Join Orion and we’ll get Interpol off your back.” Jason lept at the chance to finally do something good. While WEB offered a consideralbe amount of money, Orion offered a new life. He accepted a assignement by Director Smith to help track down the source of the leak in Orion, the files that Phoenix had recovered were highly classifed. Phoenix only answers to Smith while on this assignment. He chose to have his duboius reputation be his key, by making the mole believe that Phoenix was a selfish, unrepentant, self-serving SOB that WEB would leap to aquire. So far he has narrowed the selection of the mole to a few choice canidates in Orion HQ. While on assignment he met and fell in love with actress Amanda Logan. Amanda was the goddaughter to a fellow Orion agent Bill Klinger and was not aware of Phoenix’s affiliation to the orginzation until much later. To Amanda, Jason was just a handsome young man that was treating her like the most important person in his life. Their relationship nearly ended when he confided in her that he was a secret agent, but Amanda’s own familarity with the war between Orion and Web made her just love him more. Amanda gave Jason and her Uncle Bill an ultimatim: “Y’all behave and come back alive or I’ll kill ya.” Needless to say, both Bill and Jason agreed. After a year-long courtship, the two married in a private ceremony with their close friends and family. But after the kiss a manical madman with a affinity for martal arts kidnapped Amanda and challenged Phoenix to come and get her at his lethal martal arts trournment (Phoenix had dishonored him in a Kendo duel… the guy wasn’t very stable) and also the Orion field team that he was assigned to. The Orion agents managed to escape and eliminate the oppostion (Phoenix killed the ring-leader in a solo sword duel). Amanda was freed and Phoenix lost his long-time advacary Scargo. Scargo had collected enough circemstatal evidence on a old burgerly job that Phoenix had done while a youth and had a short time before the statue of limitation was going to expire. He watched the wedding being torn apart and Amanda kidnapped which made Scargo see the youth in a new light. Scargo destroyed the warrant and helped Phoenix, until he was murdered in the barbaric martal arts ring and nobody was able to stop it. The death of Scargo has been another turning point in Phoenix’s life. He feels greatly responsible and has tried to make amends to Scargo’s daughter, Penny. But she was just as obsessed as her father and has become a tolerable thorn in his side on occasion. He has opened a Security Consultating Firm with the help of his long time friend Sean McCoy, Oracle Securities. It has been a sucessful venture for the burgler and retired Interpol agent/Orion operatives (Sean is a Orion agent).

Yeesh! What a month!
While most of my fellow flatfoots spend their 30 day of rest and relaxation doing what their hearts desire, I have to work. First, Lawyers! Man do I hate those guys. There I was in my nice office at Orcale when my partners in crime (Sean and Han) burst in saying that the insurance company that hired us to track down some stolen jewels won’t pay us! You have no idea how much red tape I had to go through just to see a frickin’ secratary! Thank gawd that I had a keen mind and realized that I didn’t need to fill out Form J-21 since our contract with the company clearly said that all we needed to do was send in Form R-33 to the Accounts department and we got our reward. Now, after that near miss we had to check on the security preperations at the San Christobal Musieum of Art. They finally got the that wing rebuilt (how was I suposed to know that White Phosperhous and FlashBang genenades were packaged in the similar looking containers! Thank gawd Zim wasn’t assigned to that detail or I’d never hear the end of it). Three days of tests and we finally got the prelimarny system up and running then it DIED! Sean was royally toked and Han blamed a short in the newly installed wirering. It took two weeks to sort out that one. Well, during all of this Amanda wanted to go do some rock climbing. Well… that was fun. After the security system in the musium was fixed we spent a few days just climbing over the rocks near the beach at Lookout Point (ya know, that spot ya said that I shoud propose to her at). She then proceeded to tell me that she gonna try for a part in some HBO TV movie and needed to fly back to LA for the final interview. Well, I was needing to look up some old friends in that area anyway and I tagged along. Long story short Amanda got the part and we hit hte clubs for a night on the town. I wasn’t really in the mood but Amanda wanted to dance away some of the extra calories she had eaten since I was away (I trip over a stack of pizza boxes and chinese take-out containters when I got home!). Basicly after the first 2 clubs I was tired and I didn’t try to stand out in the crowd and let Amanda have her fun. Then we got an unexpected visitor, Penny Scargo. Man, I thought she was dead! Apparently somebody tried to run her down and she kept murmering my name… was a nut! She said some rather negative items to Amanda while I was getting my V-Rod out of the clutches of the valley parking attendent and Amanda decked her! Now she have a nice restraining order of about 100 feet to keep her away form Miss Scargo. Well Bill, my plane leaves in about 4 hours and Amanda wants to get there early. We’ll meet ya in the Shady Pine bar around 5-ish.
ps- my back is still hurting form that last throw ya did to me. Did ya finally get your advancement for your black belt or am I gonna be your test dummy again? Oh, and hows the hand. ;p

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