Petal, Clarissa

by Dave McAlister

STR 44
REF 77
INT 52
WIL 50
CON 52
MOV 61
DEX 65

Sex: Female
Race: White
Nationality: American
Native Language: English
Age: 21
Agent Number: 685M
Psychological Profile: Cruelty – Low, Sanity – High, Passion – High, Loyalty – High, Selfishness – None, Piety – Low
Advantages: Attractive Appearance (3)
Disadvantages: Moral Qualms – never shoots if children are in the way
Skills: Basic Firearms, Basic Melee, Concealment, Disguise, Knife, Pick Pocket, Pistol (3), Rifle – Assault (2), Shadowing (2), Submachine Gun, Survival – Streets (2), Throwing

Background: Born 21 years ago, Clarissa was an orphan by the time she was 2 years old (her parent’s died in a car crash). Consequently she had an unhappy childhood, continually moving from one foster family and city to another. At the age of 10 she ran away to New York. Living on the streets for the next 6 years, she learnt how to handle herself and managed to stay away from the drugs and gang scene. A couple of months after her 18th birthday she started working for Mentex Technologies. At first she was unaware of their connection to Orion but, after an intensive background check, was slowly allowed to see more and more information regarding the Foundation. Once she was aware of the full story, Clarissa applied to become a field agent. Her final week of training took her to the Chicago Field Training Centre were she was part of a team of 6 would-be field agents. Their task was to put their newly learnt skills into practice. The target’s for this exercise were the heads of the various teams of the San Francisco Regional Office. It was during this exercise that Clarissa decided to practice her seduction techniques on Zak McClusky. However, Zak was also the target of a real-life assassination attempt at the time and, believing that Clarissa was involved in this attempt punched her and knocked her out – unfortunately he also broke her jaw! Despite this injury, Clarissa decided that she would like to work with Zak and, after her recovery, requested to be assigned to the San Francisco office. This request was accepted and upon her arrival was made deputy head of the team. Due to Zak’s sudden “resignation” Clarissa has been promoted to Head of the Rapid Reaction Team pending a decision on what happens next.

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