Osc, Chensor Exantra Erron

by Winter Heart

STR 38
REF 63
INT 74
WIL 55
CON 45
MOV 50
DEX 68

Sex: Male
Race: White
Nationality: American
Native Language: English
Age: 24
Psychological Profile: Unknown
Advantages: Acute Touch (1), Language Ability (2), Musical Ability (1), Sensuality (2)
Disadvantages: Dependent (3), Lost Dependents (3)
Skills: Basic Firearms (0), Basic Melee (0), Basic Science (0), Basic Tool Use (0), Chemistry (0), Cryptography (0), Driving/Off-Road (0), Electronics (0), Fine Arts (0), First Aid (0), French (0), Music – Saxaphone (0), Music – Singing (0), Navigation (0), Occult Knowledge (0), Oriental Martial Arts – Hapkido (0), Photo Analysis (0), Pilot – 1-Engine (0), Pistol (0), SCUBA Diving (0), Small Craft Handling (0), Social Chameleon (0), STANO (0)

Background: Ens’s life was simple, nights at the clubs playing his music and weekends with the parents. He had long ago given up any hopes at schooling himself further, he just couldn’t seem to settle on any one topic, hence he held a wide and varyed field of knowledge but no one specialty. That is until he got the call midmorning of a Monday. His mood was tense to say the least, he had slept only a few hours before being woke by the shrilling noise. Grabbing up the phone he spat out his hello only to be informed of the death of his parents and disappearance of his young sister. That was the last normal instance his life was to know…

Appearance: Square jawed with a high set forehead which is crowned with a widows peak. His hair is dark mahognay shot through with sun scorched highlights of a deep red. It just skims the top of his shoulders and is always worn loose. His skin is pale as death, which causes his eye to stand out on his clean shaven face. Of medium build he is fit and well formed, attesting to many hours spent caring for his body.

Favourites: Colour – wine red. Music – the classics, but mostly the Blues/Jazz. Food – anything with a bite, zest, or rush of flavour. Books – Galec Poetry, Biren, Ann Rice, Stephen King… to name a few. Expressions – “Ah but that ruins most the fun.”

Habits: Drinks – Brandy warm flavored with cinnimon (only socially or one an evening). Hobbies – Chess, Sculpture, Sketch, Saxaphone, Composing, Singing.

Hometown: New Orleans.
Education: Attended 2 years of University before setting out.
Religion: Athiest

Mother: Kendle Anne Osc nee Prichard, Passed on.
Father: Alexander Christoph Osc, Passed on.
Siblings: Victoria Elisabeth Osc, sister, 6 years of age. Been missing for a year and a half. Her body was never recovered from the sight of the car accident that left both parents dead. Though several other sets of unidentifable treads where seen both arriving at and leaving the scene.

Favorite clothing: Jeans, leather jacket, he strives for elegance but often falls short.
Least favorite clothing: Stuffy monkey suits.
Jewelry: A silver celtic cross on a silver chain looped round his neck (was his mothers).
Other accessories: Basic wardrobe.
Drives: 1967 StingRay (grey/silver in colour) Plates Saxyone.

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