Optional Disadvantages and Skills


Disavowed (3 points) by Dave McAlister
Disavowed – the word scares even the strongest of agents, for it means that the agent has been deemed to have broken one too many rules or laws and has been removed from their organisation. Although the organisation will not actually hunt the agent concerned, it will have no qualms about removing the former agent if he or she gets in their way.

It is possible for an agent to rejoin his or her former organisation (and therefore lose this disadvantage), but in order to regain their previous status the agent will have to prove his or her worth on a number of occasions.

Limited Training (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 points) by James Hicks (aka Grimm)
Agents who choose this disadvantage have not completely learned one or more of their starting skills. These skills are self-taught, or perhaps the training was ended before the agent’s training was complete.

For each point of this disadvantage taken, the agent suffers from incomplete training in one skill.

The Admin must determine the exact effects of this disadvantage. For example, a character with Limited Training for Pistol skill would know how to use pistols, but not how to clean and/or repair them. Limited Training for Driving/Automobile might mean that the character may be able to drive a vehicle with an automatic transmission, but not a manual.

This disadvantage may only be applied to 0 level skills, and these skills may not be improved until the effects of Limited Training are removed by spending one Fame & Fortune point. Optionally, the effects may be removed by 20 hours of training, under the guidance of someone with that particular skill.


Field Signals by Huntsman

Allows the ability to communicate using military field hand signals with another character who can observe them. Most signals are done with the off-firing hand (other hand on the weapon) and below shoulder height and can be used to pass rudimentary information/intentions. The same conditions as for Sign Language occur for skill checks.

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