Neida, Hiroshi

by Raymond Benson

This character originally appeared in the James Bond 007 Game Scenario “You Only Live Twice II – Back of Beyond” and has been converted by Dave McAlister

STR 55
REF 70
INT 60
WIL 65
CON 65
MOV 63
DEX 65

Sex: Female
Race: Oriental
Nationality: Japanese
Native Language: Japanese
Age: 26
Psychological Profile: Cruelty – Total, Sanity – High, Passion – Total, Loyalty – High, Selfishness – High, Piety – None
Advantages: Attractive Appearance (3), Sixth Sense (3)
Disadvantages: Enemy – Zak McClusky (4), Enemy – John Walker (4)
Skills: Basic Firearms (0), Basic Melee (0), Basic Science (0), Biology/Botany/Zoology (2), Cryptography (1), Disguise (2), Demolitions (1), Driving/Automobile (3), Driving/Motorcycle (3), Electronics (1), Fine Arts (0), Interrogation (2), Lock Picking (2), Martial Arts (5), Medicine (2), Oriental Martial Arts – Jujitsu (Blindfighting, Instant Stand, Throw, Multiple Attacks, Vital Areas) (5), Pilot/1-Engine (1), Pistol (2), Safecracking (2), Social Chameleon (4), Stealth (5), Throwing (0), Language – English (5)

Background: To all appearances, Hiroshi Neida is just a lovely Japanese woman who works as a receptionist and secretary. This unassuming façade hides a very deadly killing machine. Hiroshi is a ninja, as was her father. He worked for the Yakuza, a Japanese crime syndicate. Tradition dictates that the training should be given to the first son, but there were only daughters, of which, Hiroshi was the oldest. Hiroshi was an apt pupil and, by the time she was eighteen, was her father’s equal. Hiroshi’s father, tired of his association with criminals, attempted to break away, but no one breaks away from the Yakuza. Realising how difficult it would be to kill a ninja, the Yakuza bombed the house, killing all the family except Hiroshi. Hiroshi, fearing for her life, fled to Australia where she worked whilst going to university. At the university, she was approached by Web who, aware of her background, offered her protection. Accepting their offer, Hiroshi began work as a laboratory assistant with the Australian Environmental Research Laboratory (AERL). However, the job was merely a cover and Hiroshi was soon acting as an assassin for Web in Australia. Some months ago, Hiroshi was seconded to another Web operation in Australia to act as a bodyguard. Unfortunately, Orion had already sent some agents to investigate. These agents were Zak McClusky and John Walker. In a daring night-time assault, they were able to infiltrate the Web operation and shut it down. In the process they accidentally killed the person Hiroshi was protecting, thus losing her honour. If order to regain her honour Hiroshi tracked both them back to America and attempted, unsuccessfully, to kill them. It was during this attempt that Zak McClusky shot her, at point-blank range, and believed her to be dead. However her body was never recovered and her current whereabouts are unknown. To protect her identity, Hiroshi carries out her assassinations in the traditional ninja outfit. Even Web will not use her real name when speaking of her; they refer to her as “Hiroshima”.

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