McCoy, Logan

by TheArtofMetal

STR 20
REF 58
INT 69
WIL 77
CON 51
MOV 39
DEX 64

Sex: Male
Race: White
Nationality: American
Native Language: English
Age: Unknown
Psychological Profile: Cruelty – High, Sanity – Some, Passion – Some, Loyalty – Some, Selfishness – High, Piety – Some
Advantages: Contacts Everywhere (2), Driving Ability (3)
Disadvantages: Greed (3), Enemy – Irish gangs (2)
Skills: Basic Firearms (0), Basic Melee (0), Driving/Automobile (3), Driving/Motorcycle (2), Knife (2), Lockpicking (3), Pistol (2), Sleight of Hand (0), Stealth (2), Submachine Gun (0)

Background: Logan McCoy was born in Upstate New York in 1970, and was raised in a strict Irish Catholic household. His family moved to Hell’s Kitchen when he was 6. He joined an Irish gang, the Bannion Brothers, at 16. He started out small, boosting cars and selling guns, but moved on to bigger things, like high-jacking trucks and even making certain people disappear. Logan never considered himself a murderer, since he only killed pimps and drug dealers. Skumbags. As the Bannion Brothers gang became a little more powerful, the Capriati crime family decided it would be better to make friends with the Irish than to waste time fighting with them. Logan thought the transition from small-time hoodlum to Mafia associate would be a good one. He made more money than ever, and starting wearing the best suits. The Capriatis’ many contacts let Logan travel all over the western world, buying guns and cars, and selling guns and cars. He was the top Irishman in the family, and some of his older “Brothers” didn’t like that. Soon, he became bored with the Italians’ business-like eye for money. He missed the excitement of the old days in Hell’s Kitchen. He wanted to try something different, and the family seemed to respect that. When he was 20, McCoy enrolled into NYU with a b.s. scholarship set up by the wiseguys. He did well, graduating in 4 years, with a little help from his wiseguy friends. He could get almost any job he wanted, but he was determined on a government job. Logan tried for Central Intelligence, but wasn’t accepted due to his mental evaluation. It seemed his moral standards were too low for the CIA. Angered that his one shot at going straight failed, he went back to New York, and was accepted with open arms. The rejection changed him. All he saw was green, and it wasn’t shamrocks. Ordered to steal a small garage-load of imported cars, Logan decided to bring along his Bannion buddies for old times sake. They were awaited by a small squad of the NYPD Task Force. Logan was caught in the act, and his “Bannion Brothers” were nowhere to be seen. It was obvious that they set him up out of jealousy. He spent the next 5 years in Sing Sing, not telling the cops anything about the Capriati family. He knew it would mean his life. One day, a couple of CIA agents visited Logan with a proposition; go back to work with the family while undercover, giving up all of his coast to coast customers, or spend 15 more years inside. When he asked why this was the CIA’s problem, they told him that over half of his clients were international terrorists. Feeling disgusted and betrayed, he went along with it. When the entire family was taken down by an “anonymous informant”, the Agency had no more use for Logan. They loaned him off to the Orion Foundation, where his many contacts and his skill for breaking and entering seem to be of help. Logan spent the month off resting in his Manhattan apartment. After the attacks on the towers, he didn’t feel much like going out.When he was starting to cheer up, the Yankees lost the World Series, so he was bummed out yet again. He spent time at his day job as a mechanic, where he learned more about the art of mechanical engineering. When he wasn’t goofing off, he spent his days at the shooting range with his guns, trying to perfect his shot. He refrained from killing anybody, since shooting a bunch of arabs and watching them explode messes with your head a bit, and takes the killer instinct out of ya.

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