McClusky, Zak

by John Black

STR 58
REF 58
INT 68
WIL 40
CON 58
MOV 63
DEX 68

Sex: Male
Race: White
Nationality: American
Native Language: English
Age: 25
Agent Number: 501S
Psychological Profile: Cruelty – High, Sanity – Total, Passion – Some, Loyalty – Some, Selfishness – Some, Piety – None
Advantages: Ambidexterity, Fearlessness, Toughness (4), Wealth (2)
Disadvantages: Allergy – Dog Hair, Disavowed (3), Ego Signature – Black Cat, Enemy – Colonel Mark James (4), Enemy – Hiroshima (4), Lechery, Phobia – Snakes, Unattractive Appearance – Nasal Hair (1)
Skills: Basic Firearms (0), Basic Melee (0), Climbing (0), Club (0), Concealment (0), Driving/Automobile (0), Driving/Off Road (0), First Aid (1), HALO (0), Hand Grenade (1), Interrogation (0), Knife (0), Knife Throwing (1), Lock Picking (2), Photography (0), Pilot – 1-Engine (0), Pistol (4), Radio Operator (0), Rifle – Assault (0), Rifle – Sniper (4), SCUBA (0), Shadowing (0), Shotgun (1), Skiing (0), Stealth (0), Surveillance (0), Swimming (0), Tracking (0)

Background: Only a few people know Zak McClusky’s real name, one is of course Zak, the second his boss, Mike Jenkins, and the third a known Web operative named Major Mark James. Born on the 4 Jul 75, Zak spent his formative years in boarding schools in the mid-west. On completing high school he went to CalTech to read law. After he had been there for just one month Delta Force recruited him to become a sleeper assassin. Head of this training was Mark James, now listed as AWOL. James attempted to subvert Zak into supporting Web; Zak resisted and started to snoop around James’ private life and his Web involvement. Whilst about this he disturbed Orion and was quickly recruited to the organisation when he revealed James’ plans to them. Zak left Delta Force without telling them where he was bound and is listed as AWOL from this unit. Zak has been allocated the code name of 501S (or Levi’s as he prefers it) and has been employed by Orion as a sniper and Titan Team Member. Zak is cold and aloof, a good planner he will often place himself away from the action, preferring instead to be on higher ground. From here he will use his skills to direct operations and cause maximum destruction or sit and wait his moment. He has no loyalty for his team mates in action, they get paid like he does and MUST be prepared to die for the money. In the past, Zak worked as a freelance mercenary soldier behind Orion’s back. Orion pretends not to know about these missions, but the reality is that it is because of these that he has been moved to San Francisco. On all missions, Zak insists that, that where possible, all bodies come back. Zak lives in San Francisco where he heads up Rapid Response Team for the office there. He lives alone with his two cats Smokey and ii (too-wise). Zak is allegedly a top thirty assassin maybe even top ten. His run-ins on missions have included a ninja assassin Hiroshima who, though thought dead, rumour has lives on. Hiroshima hates both Zak and John Walker for interfering in an operation she had going in Australia, however she sees Zak as her lift up the assassin’s chart. His other enemy is Mark James now known as a Colonel and Head of Ops for Web in San Francisco, aka Steve Patterson and Edward Johnson.

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