MacCallistair, Davie

by Ivanhoe22

STR 66
REF 49
INT 71
WIL 52
CON 60
MOV 58
DEX 60

Sex: Male
Race: White
Nationality: British
Native Language: English
Age: 32
Psychological Profile: Cruelty – Some, Sanity – Total, Passion – High, Loyalty – Some, Selfishness – High, Piety – Low
Advantages: Acute Vision (2), Ambidexterity (2), Toughness (1)
Disadvantages: Greed (3), Moral Qualms – no drug induced torture (2)
Skills: Basic Firearms (0), Basic Heavy Weapons (0), Basic Melee (0), Climbing (2), Demolitions (1), Driving/Automobile (2), Driving/Off-Road (0), Driving/Boat (0), First Aid (0), German (0), Grenade Launcher (0), HALO (0), Hand Grenade (0), Knife (0), Orienteering (0), Parachuting (2), Pistol (3), Radio Operating (0), Rifle (1), Shadowing (2), Skiing (0), Sniper Rifle (3), Spanish (2), Stealth (2), Submachine Gun 1, Survival – Desert (0), Survival – Jungle (2), Swimming (0)

Background: Davie became fascinated with the military during the early 80s when Britain was involved in the Falkland Islands. He had a dream to join the RAF and fly jet fighters. Somehow the recruiter convinced him that firing a gun and blowing things up would be more fun so Davie joined the Army. He did a tour with the Royal Green Jackets when he realized that he wanted more. MacCallistair tried out for SAS selection and made it through. He scored especially high on the Regiment’s jungle survival course. Growing up in Brighton, he found the wildlife of the jungle to be almost enjoyable. He found he enjoyed the hard life and loved the challenge of competing against the best special forces operators in the world. Now a Sergeant, MacCallistair has done several tours in Northern Ireland. He is currently on special assignment to the SIS. Davie is old school, and still prefers the Browning High Power rather than the new SIG weapons that several of his colleagues favour. In his spare time MacCallistair enjoys driving his Rover 214Si.

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