Klinger, Bill

by Mark E. Smith

STR 70
REF 66
INT 59
WIL 68
CON 61
MOV 68
DEX 65

Sex: Male
Race: White
Nationality: American
Native Language: English
Age: 40 plus
Psychological Profile: Unknown
Advantages: Favours (2), Sixth Sense (2), Toughness (2)
Disadvantages: Chivalry (1), Deep Sleeper (2), Moral Qualms (2), Phobic (2)
Skills: Aircraft Mechanic (1), Basic Firearms (0), Basic Heavy Weapons (0), Basic Mechanics (0), Basic Melee (0), Basic Science (0), Biology /Botany (1), Computer Technician (0), Driving/Automobile (1), Driving/Motorcycle (2), Fine Arts (2), Law (2), Oriental Martial Arts – Hapkido (Hold, Surprise Action, Vital Areas) (4), Photography (2), Pistol (1), Radio Operator (1), Religion (3), Rifle (1), Shotgun (1), Sword (2)

Background: Bill is in his forties, after years of working as a “trouble-shooter” for a company described as too big to be a PI service too small to be a guerrilla movement, he finally managed to negotiate his retirement between Shinobi Ltd, the NIS, and the Norwegian Lutheran Church. It was the prefect set up. For years Bill had pieced together a degree in Theology, using his own money collected from numerous missions, (Bill had the envious reputation of doing the right thing, but making it profitable.) he was going to rebuild an almost defunct mission in the Pusan area. The Good Shepherd Mission was to be a combination Orphanage, and outreach mission. To the public. The church would provide an old semi retired Minister to help guide Bill through his Vicarage, then Bill would run the centre. The US Navy agreed to let Bill go to reserve status. (An unsuspected friend in a foreign port is always welcome.) Shinobi Ltd. agreed to the same, with the addition of an agreement that the mission would serve as a safe house for their agents. and Bill would finally realize his dream as a servant of God and a family man. Nothing personal, just business as usual, It takes money to run a criminal empire. and much of that comes from a street level. “Protection” was always a good way to make money. But “that stupid Missionary” (quote from an intercepted radio message) refused to pay. They sent an enforcer, Bill sent flowers. Somebody needed a lesson, so Web “recruited” several female members of Bills congregation for use in an unspeakable, if profitable, branch of Webs fundraisers. Bill got them back, destroying the building they were being held in the process. Well, if he wouldn’t contribute, he could still serve as an example. The centre was bombed, the old pastor and several children were killed. And Bill Klinger declared a Holy War on the WEB. Details are sketchy, but most on the children were adopted out, Bills family went to Shinobi Ltd. for safekeeping and the murder rate in Pusan spiked. Bill is using Orion as a means to an end the destruction of those that murdered innocence, and his dream, and WEB WILL pay, dearly… Back in NYC Bill transferred his family to Chinatown once more. After filling reports, most of his days were spent in the gym, where he trained to in Hapikdo. Close surveillance would reveal many calls to and one visit from his old controller, ‘Mama-San’ also dealing with Hiroshima. Many of Bills’ questions remain but one interesting fact has come up.In both bombs, one killing Hiroshemas’ family, the other blowing up the mission Bill worked at, the detonator was Italian, a Boldeni, and the explosive was home made. Could the bomber have been the same man? To this end in dozens of major Asian newspapers a haiku has been planted into there personal ads. Pity (the) cormorant slave to others, never knowing just who holds the cord. Sooner or later a response is expected.

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