Kantza, Elina

STR 44
REF 67
INT 63
WIL 52
CON 74
MOV 56
DEX 65

Sex: Female
Race: European
Nationality: Greek
Native Language: Greek
Age: Unknown
Psychological Profile: Cruelty – Low, Sanity – High, Passion – High, Loyalty – High, Selfishness – Low, Piety – Some
Advantages: Attractive Appearance (3), Bilingual Background (2), Toughness (1)
Disadvantages: Claustrophobia (2), Enemy (2), Moral Qualms (2)
Skills: Basic Firearms (0), Basic Liberal Arts (0), Basic Melee (0), Business/Economics (0), Driving/Automobile (0), English (1), First Aid (0), German (1), History/Political Science (0), Pistol (0), Psychology (0), SCUBA Diving (0), Skiing (0), Social Chameleon (0), Submachine Gun (0), Surveillance (0), Stealth (0), Swimming (0)

Background: Elina was born in a small quiet neighbourhood in Athens. To some who didn’t know Elina they might say she was born into the life of the privileged. However anyone who knew Elina would be forced to say otherwise. Elina’s mother was the mistress of a British Diplomat conceived while her father was attached to the British Embassy. Her father feared the repercussions of his actions should they become public and therefore made arrangements too financially provide for his daughter if Elina’s mother remained silent. Elina took after her mother in beauty and possessed her fathers wit and intelligence. The loss of the man she loved devastated Elina’s mother. As Elina grew up she was exposed to many men who used her mothers wealth and beauty for their own means. It was when Elina was 5 years old she developed her fear of enclosed spaces. One morning when her mother was out a gentleman who her mother was seeing was asked to watch Elina. Between bottles he became angry with Elina for spilling her soda on the carpet and as punishment he locked her in the closet. It was not until that evening when her mother returned home to find her boyfriend passed out that she heard Elina’s crying and let her out. Later that evening they packed their belongings and moved away from that life. Since that time Elina becomes catatonic in confined in enclosed spaces. Elina’s beauty blossomed in her teenage years as well as excelling in education. She used these natural traits to her advantage. By winning local teen beauty contests and landing some minor modelling contracts Elina was able to develop a love for travel and languages. After finishing High School Elina contacted her father for the first time in all these years. She found out that by birth she was also an English Citizen, her father who had wanted nothing to do with Elina till this time was now widowed and desired to see his only child. He used his contacts to arrange for Elina to study at Oxford. At the age of 16 Elina left her home in Greece and moved to Britain. At Oxford she studied Linguistics and Political Science while minoring in Psychology and Economics.Elina was an intern with the British Government in her first year at Oxford. Running errands for officials and working alongside her father. For two people who have spent 16 years a part you could not tell by looking at them It was during this year of internship that Elina’s superiors and father noticed how capable Elina was. Her father decided to reveal to Elina his role as a MI6 operative and offer Elina an internship into the agency as a translator. The training was intense and nothing like Elina had ever experienced but the information she gained was what impressed her the most. The sub-culture of the espionage world, counter-intelligence and surveillance was a life changing experience. Elina maintained her internship till graduating Oxford. Elina’s career took off upon graduation. Offered employment with the British Embassy as a language translator. Elina spent her first year assigned to the British Embassy in Berlin where she served as the ambassador’s personal assistant and translator. Her previous experiences in world affairs and inside knowledge made her stand out in her superior’s eyes and marked her for success. Elina returned to Britain the next year to bury her father. It bothered Elina that she was not there for her father to say good-bye properly but the memories of the last 5 years together and knowing him eased her pain. That same year Elina applied for and was accepted to an Embassy assignment in Athens, Greece. Returning home was a pleasure. She had not seen her mother in all these past years and it was wonderful to be back where she grew up. Attached to the British Ambassador Elina was the youngest woman to hold the position as personal assistant and linguist. Elina spent 2 years in this position and it was at this time Elina was approached by ORION. They had been watching her for some time now and other agents had spoken highly of Elina. Elina resigned herself to the fact that she would never know whom it was. Elina accepted the offer and resigned her position with the British Embassy. Her training exposed Elina to many different skills and tactics. Her natural aptitudes and physical abilities put her at the top of her class and noticed by the instructors. However it also made a few other trainees jealous. One woman in particular did not like Elina. Her name was Sadef and was of Turkish descent but that is all Elina knew about her. But that was all Sadef needed to hate Elina. When a situation arose resulting in the death of a trainee, Elina was blamed for the accident, which she denied vehemently. Deeper investigation revealed that the evidence against Elina had been tampered with to implicate her. Sadef disappeared before any questions could be asked and her whereabouts remain unknown. The event, which has been sealed for security purposes, had a psychological realisation for Elina of the event, which has been sealed for security purposes, left Elina with the inability to use lethal force on an unarmed person. Having recently completed her intensive training Elina prepares herself for her field assignment and the challenges that she will most certainly face.

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