Gun Runners

Written by Dave McAlister

This scenario was originally written for the 1999 Royal Air Force Wargaming Association Role Playing Competition using the Top Secret/S.I. rules. It was updated in 2002 for use with the Spycraft rules and updated, and revised, in 2008 for use with the Savage Worlds rules. This version contains the Top Secret/S.I. and Spycraft rules.

It is a modern-day investigative scenario that has the potential to run from 2 to 4 hours depending on how quickly and easily the players decipher the clues. It is also a very open-ended scenario in that, once the basic clues have been laid out, the GM is more reactive to player requests than most. Indeed, the final encounter is not scripted in the scenario as it occurs entirely at the players’ discretion. That said, this is a simple scenario to run.

Download Gun Runners v1

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