Contii, Freya

by Chris & Mel Crawshaw

STR 37
REF 77
INT 49
WIL 63
CON 50
MOV 43
DEX 63

Sex: Female
Race: White
Nationality: Italian
Native Language: Italian
Age: 33
Psychological Profile: Cruelty – Low, Sanity – Total, Passion – High, Loyalty – High, Selfishness – Some, Piety – Some
Advantages: Acute Touch (1), Light Sleeper (2), Wealth (3)
Disadvantages: Addiction – Caffeine (2), Allergy – Animal Fur (2), Phobia – Dogs (2)
Skills: Acting (0), Basic Firearms (0), Basic Melee (0), Basic Science (0), Biology/Botany (0), Driving/Automobile (0), Fine Arts (0), Interrogation (2), Knife (0), Language – English (1), Lip Reading (0), Lockpicking (0), Medicine (0), Pistol (0), SCUBA Diving (0), Surgeon (3), Swimming (0)

Background: Born in a suburb of Milan, Freya is the eldest daughter of Luigi Contii, a very successful investment banker and Maria Contii, a heiress well known in the right circles. Freya has an older brother, Antonio (35), who works with their father in banking and a younger sister, Elena (23), whose life consists of social engagements and been seen at the right parties. Freya and her siblings had a very pampered upbringing, always getting the best of everything. Whilst this pleased Elena greatly, Freya and her brother soon bored of it. Antonio had his fathers flair for banking and after graduating from Harvard, joined his fathers bank where he is now vice president. As Freya didn’t share the love of banking, she decided to explore her love of the sciences. She became particularly fascinated by biology and physiology. As she had the aptitude and money was no object she easily secured a place at MIT Boston. She graduated in the top 3% of the country. Her first position as a newly qualified doctor was at Chicago general where she specialized in surgery. After her time in Chicago, Freya was offered a position in San Francisco to work under and eventually replace Dr. Miles Bennett, chief of surgery ,who was due to retire shortly. Unbeknownst to Freya, Dr. Bennett was an Orion agent. After close scrutiny it was decided to recruit her to replace Dr. Bennett within Orion. As a highly skilled surgeon it is rare for Freya to go into the field unless absolutely necessary to the success of the mission. Her skills are best utilized at Orion medical facilities when awkward questions need to be avoided.

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