by John Black

STR 55
REF 60
INT 58
WIL 52
CON 65
MOV 78
DEX 59

Sex: Male
Race: White
Nationality: Russian
Native Language: Russian
Age: 19
Psychological Profile: Cruelty – High, Sanity – Some, Passion – High, Loyalty – Low, Selfishness – Total, Piety – None
Advantages: Acute Vision (2), Ambidexterity (2), Athletic Ability (2), Fearlessness (2), Internal Compass (1), Toughness (2)
Disadvantages: Ego Signature (2), Enemy – KGB (4), Flashback (2), Illiteracy (2), Unmistakable Feature – Grey Skin (1)
Skills: Aero Missile Guidance Systems (3), Basic Fire Arms (0), Basic Heavy Weapon (0), Basic Melee (0), Concealment (0), Driving/Automobile (0), Driving/Off Road (0), First Aid (0), Grenade (1), Impromptu Weapon (0), Knife (1), Navigation (Aero Computer Navigation System specialist) (4), Parachute (0), Pistol (0), Radio Operator (2), Rifle (0), SCUBA (0), Shadowing (0), Skiing (0), Stealth (0), Submachine Gun (0), Survival – Temperate (0), Swimming (0), Tracking (0), Language – English (0)

Background: Bloordiskovich was born in Russia during the 1980’s as part of the KGB’s attempts to create a genetically perfect soldier. With the end of the Cold War the cold war and subsequent fragmentation of the USSR in 1989, all soldiers of this strain were destroyed. The professor who worked on the project however (Professor Mickiovich) decided his life work was too valuable to be thrown away and absconded with Disk in early 1990. In the middle of 1995, Disk arrived in New York, alone. He was quickly recruited by Orion and is eager to help defeat Web. Bloordiskovich is a good ground agent so long as he is supported by more than two other operatives who can more easily carry out undercover operations. Has a tendency to accept orders as given and is incapable of truly original thought. He appears quick to learn and is beginning to learn to think for himself. He is the ultimate soldier but has all the obvious faults thereof.

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