Belanger, Anne Madeleine

by Sarah W

STR 35
REF 70
INT 75
WIL 45
CON 50
MOV 72
DEX 72

Sex: Female
Race: White
Nationality: Canadian
Native Language: English and French
Age: 25
Psychological Profile: Cruelty – Some, Sanity – High, Passion – High, Loyalty – High, Selfishness – Low, Piety – Some
Advantages: Athletic Ability (2), Attractive Appearance (2), Bilingual Background (2)
Disadvantages: Enemy – Hell’s Angels (4), Undeserved Fame – Related to Hell’s Angels and athletic ability (2)
Skills: Area Knowledge – Thailand (0), Ballistics (0), Basic Firearms (0), Basic Liberal Arts (0), Basic Melee (0), Bureaucratics (0), Climbing (0), Driving/Automobile (0), First Aid (1), History/Political Science (0), Law (0), Lockpicking (0), Oriental Martial Arts – Muay Thai (1), Photography (0), Pistol (0), Rifle (0), SCUBA Diving (0), Shotgun (0), Skiing (0), Sniper Rifle (0), Social Chameleon (0), Stealth (0), Submachine Gun (0), Surveillance (0), Swimming (0)

Background: Anne was born in Montreal Canada, to working class parents. She has 5 brothers and sisters, she is the 2nd oldest. Starved for attention among so many siblings growing up, Anne used her athletic abilities to gain recognition. She competed for Quebec in the junior biathlon and was an Olympic hopeful. Her skills were not up to winning a spot on the national team but she found that the RCMP were very interested in hiring her, and after going through the training she became a police officer. Returning to her native Quebec, now bilingual, she was a patrol officer and considering where she would go next in her career when she was called upon to assault a Hell’s Angels Clubhouse with several other officers. During the assault a gun fight broke out, in which using her skill with a rifle she was able to bullseye shot the Club’s local leader creating notoriety in the department of her skill and lifetime enmity for her by the Hell’s Angels. Threats against her family and the near death of a boyfriend at their hands convinced her to transfer from Quebec.

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