Written by Miguel Federici

This scenario is the third in a series that started with the missions “Fireflash” and “Foxtrot”, but it may be used independently without having played the previous two.

The characters are special agents of an intelligence organization such as Orion, the CIA, the FBI, Mossad or the one used by you. They are going to investigate the relationship betweem an important member of Havoline Enterprises and “The Phantom”, leader of a hackers/crackers secret organization called “Avalon”. The agents are supposed to operate undercover and without local assistance; remind them that secrecy and stealth is expected at all times.

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The Hydra Affair

Written by Simon (split) Emmet

This mission was written for the Top Secret/S.I. system and a team based on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. TV show but with a little bit of monkeying around it could be made to fit any system or ongoing game. NPC stats aren’t included so that other Administrators can adjust them to the players in their particular groups so enjoy the mission.

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Ghost in the Machine

Written by Unknown for ME v2.0
Page Count: 5
Mission Length: Potentially more than one session
Cell Experience Level: Operative – Veteran 2

The PCs, working in Miami, receive a mysterious email video from beyond the grave asking them to find a hacker’s killer. Walking in the steps of a dead man isn’t the best way to stay safe, but it’s the only way to catch the murderers and claim the prize.

This adventure is more like a beta version than a completed edition, as there are no character statistics, and the plot rings somewhat hollow. However, this ground work would make an excellent beginning for the inventive completion minded GameMaster.

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Sequoia Ridge

Written by Kris Miller, ©1997, and published initially by Chameleon Eclectic. Converted to Spycraft 2.0 by Jon Andersen
Page Count: 12
Mission Length: One session, though it could be extended
Cell Experience Level: Rookie

Having recently completed BlackEagle’s basic training and eager to jump into the middle of a complicated assignment, a group of rookie operatives is instead sent on a camping trip to “get to know one another.” But the operatives may get more than they bargained for when their trip embroils them in a terrorist plot that only they can stop…

As one of the first official Chameleon Eclectic adventures for Millennium’s End it is, of course, superbly laid out and complete, though with shortened statistics for important NPCs. Though it is designed to be a one-shot, the creative GM or un-cooperative player group could make it last longer. One alternate means of running the adventure is to start it as something of a SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) training mission, which would fit perfectly after initial B/E training.

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Blood on the Snow

Written by Charles Ryan, ©1997, and originally published by Chameleon Eclectic
Page Count: 9
Mission Length: One shot, likely not extending beyond a four-hour session
Cell Experience Level: Any of Veteran 1 and below

What the hell does the Ukraine want with an Antarctic research station? They didn’t say – and they didn’t say dying was part of the contract…

This is one of the missions from Chameleon Eclectic’s Worldwide Web Game Archives and, even as an early mission, it is complete and relevant to our present, though it was written nearly two decades ago. Hijinks ensue quickly in this one-shot mission, which may turn out to be a high-intensity defensive run from betrayal. Important NPCs are pulled from the ME v2.0 rulebook, but the adventure includes maps of the Adelie 14 station.

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From Russia With Love

The From Russia With Love Adventure Module is designed to be played by up to four players and a Gamesmaster. It presents a challenge to one “00” rank, two Agent rank characters, or a party of four Rookie rank characters. Guidelines for modifying the adventure to suit parties consisting of characters of different ranks are offered in this booklet.

This adventure involves the characters in a particularly complex and challenging mission and is best suited to experienced players and gamesmasters.

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