1940s – Kidnap a German General

Background As was the case during World War I, “spy mania” gripped the people of Britain during World War II. However, the numbers of German spies entering the country were small (fewer than 25 between September and November 1940) and most of those were poorly trained. Further, following the establishment of the Double Cross System, […]

1920s – Assassination Attempt on Lenin

Background With the end of the Great War and Germany, ostensibly, stopped from rebuilding their military forces, British and French eyes turned towards the emerging Soviet Union following newspaper reports of the kidnap or murder of exiled White Russians from the streets of Paris and Switzerland after the Russian Civil War. Fearing the threat that […]

1910s – German Spies

Background In pre-war Britian, novelists such as Erskine Childers and William Le Queux wrote of a large and growing German intelligence network which fed a frenzy of “spy mania” amongst the British population. The resulting anti-German sentiment also led to thousands of imaginary acts of espionage being reported to police and military authorities and, on […]

1900s – German Battleship Plans

Background In the early 1900s, Admiral Fisher of the Royal Navy proposed several designs for battleships. After becoming First Sea Lord in 1904 he pushed these ideas further and the result, HMS Dreadnought, was launched by King Edward VII in 1906. Her launch sparked a naval arms race around the world, particularly with the German […]