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Shining Armor 0

Shining Armor

by Thomas M Kane When you’re surrounded by 50 tons of steel and shooting bullets the size of your arm, you’re unstoppable, right? These are guidelines and rules for using tanks in a TOP...

Vigilante Prestige Class 0

Vigilante Prestige Class

by Chris Gunning [Writer’s note: I had a lot of fun coming up with the Vigilante. It is a cross between the Sleuth base class and the Street Fighter PrC – with a couple...

Krav Maga 0

Krav Maga

By Paul Emerson This fighting style was born of the history, particularly from World War II, of Israel and is, perhaps, the ultimate martial art in the world, except to call it a martial...

Classified Review 1

Classified Review

A preview and review by Gary Brown. This is a preview and review of the 136 page soft cover from Lulu that was temporarily available in December 2013. The official launch of the game...

Covert Ops Review 1

Covert Ops Review

A review by Jeffry Willis. Covert Ops is described as a barebones RPG of espionage and paramilitary operations. This review covers the Covert Ops Core Rulebook and the Covert Ops GM Operations Manual. Don’t...

Sketch 0


A summary of some of the game rules, along with a suggested equipment list for a 1960s-style game from dr_mitch. Download Night’s Black Agents Sketch

Weapon Malfunction Table 0

Weapon Malfunction Table

By Brad Clark Upon rolling a natural 1 some sort of malfunction will occur, as no weapon is 100% reliable. Roll a d20 to see what effect occurs. Roll Effect 1 Safety was left...

Ultraviolet 0


The Ultraviolet television series, which consisted of six episodes, was produced by World Productions for Channel 4 in 1998. First screened, on Channel 4, during the months of September and October 1998 it was...



By Brad Clark An agency for Spycraft NATO Special Mission Assault Reconnaissance Teams were formed to make the most of the expertise that the Special Operations Forces of NATOs member nations offer. SMART answers...

The Office of Strategic Affairs 0

The Office of Strategic Affairs

By Garland T. Dunlap The following setting is inspired by information originally given in “The Last War – And After” chapter of Battlegrounds. It is highly recommended that you read that chapter before using...