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New Avenues For Agents 0

New Avenues For Agents

by Merle Rasmussen Editor’s Introduction The information you are about to read has been obtained by this magazine with absolutely no difficulty whatsoever. It is not classified or restricted, except that you need the...

The Navy Wants You 0

The Navy Wants You

by Robert Rinas This TOP SECRET/S.I. article introduces players to the world of military intelligence, using the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) as the agency that employs their characters. Most characters in such campaigns...

Adventure Writing: Nonplayer Characters 0

Adventure Writing: Nonplayer Characters

By Dru Pagliassotti “What does the bartender look like?” Good question. And there you are, scouring your mind for a few cliches. “Uh, he’s human, kinda balding, and overweight, and he’s got an apron...