Special Equipment File

by Jimmy Anderson, Chris Johnson, Brent York, and Craig York The SE File is a compendium of specialized equipment available to the agent through his or her bureau. Prices are included for agents who have not been issued the devices for mission purposes. Canes/Umbrellas Umbrella Pistol Cost: $600.00 This fully functional umbrella has a handle […]

Welcome to Madripoor

MouthyMerc’s adaptation of Madripoor from the Web Wars Trilogy Originally posted to an (deliberately) unspecified web gaming forum. Introduction Welcome to the island of Madripoor, where intrigue, subterfuge and double-dealing await your players’ characters at every turn. This supplement is the first of a trilogy. The information and adventure included in this booklet can be […]

New Avenues For Agents

by Merle Rasmussen Editor’s Introduction The information you are about to read has been obtained by this magazine with absolutely no difficulty whatsoever. It is not classified or restricted, except that you need the original TOP SECRET rules to make full use of what follows. These charts and descriptions were composed by Merle Rasmussen, who […]