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Carrington, Anthony 0

Carrington, Anthony

by IndianaTon STR 55 REF 65 INT 60 WIL 45 CON 51 MOV 60 DEX 63 Sex: Male Race: African American Nationality: American Native Language: English Age: Unknown Psychological Profile: Cruelty – Some, Sanity...

Bowman, Dave 0

Bowman, Dave

by Tristen Trench & Dave McAlister STR 37 REF 68 INT 51 WIL 64 CON 71 MOV 53 DEX 60 Sex: Male Race: White Nationality: American Native Language: English Age: 32 Agent Number: 844M...

Bloordiskovich 0


by John Black STR 55 REF 60 INT 58 WIL 52 CON 65 MOV 78 DEX 59 Sex: Male Race: White Nationality: Russian Native Language: Russian Age: 19 Psychological Profile: Cruelty – High, Sanity...

Belanger, Anne Madeleine 0

Belanger, Anne Madeleine

by Sarah W STR 35 REF 70 INT 75 WIL 45 CON 50 MOV 72 DEX 72 Sex: Female Race: White Nationality: Canadian Native Language: English and French Age: 25 Psychological Profile: Cruelty –...

When The Tanks Roll 0

When The Tanks Roll

by Ed Sollers Political instability is all too common in today’s world, and in many countries the usual means of changing regimes is not by elections but by coups d’état. In the period 1966-1986...

Watch Your Step 0

Watch Your Step

by Thomas M Kane Edwin saw no guards. He could, however, see the crash site ahead under the predawn sky. The tilted tail fin pointing at the heavens, a twisted wing wrapped around a...

The Navy Wants You 0

The Navy Wants You

by Robert Rinas This TOP SECRET/S.I. article introduces players to the world of military intelligence, using the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) as the agency that employs their characters. Most characters in such campaigns...

Shining Armor 0

Shining Armor

by Thomas M Kane When you’re surrounded by 50 tons of steel and shooting bullets the size of your arm, you’re unstoppable, right? These are guidelines and rules for using tanks in a TOP...

Top Secret/S.I. 6

Character Generator

A character generator for Top Secret/S.I. using Microsoft Excel (note, this file is the new XSLX format) by Stephen Broadwell. Download Character Generator

Review: Overview of Top Secret/S.I. 0

Review: Overview of Top Secret/S.I.

Written by Dave McAlister What You Got Top Secret/S.I. was an espionage RPG which had a contemporary setting but incorporated its own good guys (Orion) and bad guys (Web). The boxed set contained all...

Gun Runners 0

Gun Runners

Written by Dave McAlister This scenario was originally written for the 1999 Royal Air Force Wargaming Association Role Playing Competition using the Top Secret/S.I. rules. It was updated in 2002 for use with the...