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Top Secret/S.I.WARNING!
The information below is for agents with S.I. (Special Intelligence) clearance only. If you are not cleared for S.I. information, stop reading now!

Spies are everywhere – you read about them in books and newspapers; you hear about their exploits on TV; you see them in movies.

Now, the Top Secret/S.I. roleplaying game thrusts you into the action … allows you to experience the thrills of covert operations for yourself!

A significant departure from traditional roleplaying game design.

A chillingly realistic simulation of the clandestine world of covert operations.

In the hands of the right players, the ideal tool for building intense and totally involving thrillers.

224 pages of rules and documentation. For beginners, everything you need to get started. For sophisticated roleplayers, the detail and authenticity you crave.

Designers: Douglas Niles, Warren Spector | Publisher: TSR Inc. | Year Published: 1987 | Buy From: Amazon