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Operation Fallen Warrior 0

Operation Fallen Warrior Released

Operation Fallen Warrior is an espionage mission for the Modus Operandi role playing game for 1-4 first level agents. The British agent Alex Carruthers has been captured by the Libyans. He has been caught attempting to obtain...

Modus Operandi 2

Modus Operandi Released

Modus Operandi is a roleplaying game of super spies and secret agents set against the backdrop of the Cold War of the 1980s. Go back to basics and become an expert. Following the announcement...

Modus Operandi 0

Modus Operandi – the RPG!

To most of you, Modus Operandi is the name of this website, to me it’s also become a brand in it’s own right. When I decided to work on my own take on an...