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Modern Investigation 0

Modern Investigation

by Dru Pagliassotti So you’re sitting around trying to figure out the next adventure for your modern or near-modern RPG—spy-based, occult-based, whatever, you’ve got to come up with some sort of investigative plot. Feeling...

Modus Operandi 3

Covert Action

A goal of the secret agent is to gather intelligence information, using techniques ranging from the use of gadgets, raw brainpower and skill. Today, new communications equipment and computer assistance makes the collection and...

Adventure Writing: Nonplayer Characters 0

Adventure Writing: Nonplayer Characters

By Dru Pagliassotti “What does the bartender look like?” Good question. And there you are, scouring your mind for a few cliches. “Uh, he’s human, kinda balding, and overweight, and he’s got an apron...