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d20 ModernPlay Every Adventure You Can Imagine

Experience the thrills of every blockbuster action movie, every heart-pounding first-person shooter, and every explosive, high-octane escapade you can dream up. Inside this book, you’ll discover everything you need to build the ultimate modern-world campaign filled with cinematic adventure, and to create the dynamic heroes needed to face the harrowing dangers that await within.

For players and Gamemasters, d20 Modern is compatible with the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game and other d20 System roleplaying games.


Designers: Bill Slavicsek, Jeff Grubb, Rich Redman | Publisher: Wizards of the Coast | Year Published: 1993 | Buy From: Amazon

Weapon Conversions 0

Weapon Conversions

Ithaca Stakeout The Ithaca Stakeout is modified to be concealable from the popular and dependable Ithaca Model 37 found in police departments North America wide. It is designed to be worn under a coat...

C2020 Cyberware Conversion 0

C2020 Cyberware Conversion

Written by Cowboy (CJ Tipton) This supplement will clarify rules concerning conversion of Cyberpunk 2020 cyberware items into their d20 System equivalents for use with the Spycraft game. Bon Appetite! Cyberware Conversions Use the...

d20 Net Running Conversion 0

d20 Net Running Conversion

Written by Cowboy (CJ Tipton) This document is a conversion of the Cyberpunk 2020 netrunning rules (C2020, pages 127-174) into a d20 System format (more specifically for Spycraft, but usable with any d20 System)....