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ClassifiedDash through crowed streets, careen around corners in high-speed chases, skulk in dark alleys, hack into secure files, infiltrate enemy agencies – Enter the world of a secret agent! Classified is a retro-clone of the 1980’s role-playing game about the world’s most-famous spy. Classified is the action-packed game of covert operations that maintains the flavour of cold war spy-mongering while set in the modern day. Style and substance, baby, style and substance.


Designer: Joseph Browning | Publisher: Expeditious Retreat Press | Year Published: 2014 | Buy From: DriveThruRPG

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Agent Dossier

by DbB An Agent Dossier for Classified as a Microsoft Excel template. Download Classified Agent Dossier

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Classified Review

A preview and review by Gary Brown. This is a preview and review of the 136 page soft cover from Lulu that was temporarily available in December 2013. The official launch of the game...