Omega Site: PX382-626

Written by Moriarty

The Omega site is a large military and civilian base, created in case of global disaster, outright destruction of the United States or Earth by the Goa’uld, Earth based countries or other alien forces…

Should such an event occur, the President, Vice President, and as many humans beings as possible will be shipped to the Omega and Alpha Site, as well as many higher up governmental officials.

Omega site is the most secure and secret of the SCG’s offworld sites, it is designed to operate totally cut off from the SGC if need be. Placed on an Earth like world PX382626, similar animals, plant life and sun, two moons.

Omega Site is a fully functional military base, that incorporates the best and brightest of the armed services, as well as the best of earth and alien tech.

Omega Site features a fully functional farm, with crops and livestock capable of supporting the entire Omega site staff indefinitely.

A small nuclear power plant as well as a smaller experimental naquaada power plant, both placed 3 miles from the main Omega Site base. A small observatory, a computer library for entertainment with the entire library of congress on file, A load stone 8 supercomputer which is interfaced to 1 Asgard built and on loan Yggdrasil computer system that is networked to several Asgard satellites that monitor the Omega Site planet and solar system which can be used to contact the Asgard in case of emergency, a small TV and radio station. 1 swimming pool and movie theatre, a small landing strip and motor pool, vehicles consisting of 2 small helicopters (cargo/ exploration), 1 AH-64A/D Apache attack helicopter , 10 jeeps, 20 ATVs, 2 Abram’s M1A2 tanks, and 1 Volkswagen beetle, property of the Omega Site Base Commander.

Base defences consist of 4 anti-aircraft guns, 2 patriot missile systems, several heavy machine gun nests, several of which face the Stargate, 1 full-time guard unit, 1 Goa’uld heavy ground cannon also facing the Stargate. 2 low yield atomic bombs with naquaada enhanced warheads in a secure fortified bunker with portable launching systems, the existence of the bombs is not generally known to the Omega Site population, and only the base commander (a full time colonist) and his 2nd in command have access to the bombs. The Omega Site Stargate platform has also been wired with explosives to bury the Stargate in a moments notice should the need arise.

The Omega Site population if roughly 400. Having grown steadily since the bases founding some 6 years ago, when the Stargate project was started, with an average of 4-6 births a year. More then half of the Omega Site staff are full time colonists.

The SGC faked the full time colonists deaths in various military and civilian accidents, with large military insurance policies being paid to the next of kin of the colonists. Several SGO colonists also hail from the civilian populace of earth. The SGC feeling that their expertise was needed on the SGO site, the civilian population hails from all walks of life from farmer, scientist, doctor, politician, psychologist, factory worker, and many more.

The SGC approached them with the proposal, not disclosing the true nature of the Stargate Project until they were on site at the SGC. There they were informed of the nature of the project and given a chance to back out, to date, only 2 people have backed out, both have signed non-disclosure documents.

The SGC also faked the deaths of the civilian colonists, and paid their families from large “previously” unknown and “unexpected” life insurance policies.

The Omega site base as 12 of its own SG teams they are as follows.

SGO-1 (Explore) 4+
SGO-2 (Research) 20
SGO-3 (Marines) 50
SGO-4 (Explore) 4+
SGO-5 (Strategic) 15
SGO-6 (Search/Rescue) 15
SGO-7 (Scientific) 40
SGO-8 (Diplomatic) 15
SGO-9 (Exploration) 10
SGO-10(Explore) 4+
SGO-11 (Covert Ops) 15
SGO-12(Medical) 20
SGO-13 (Night Ops) 10

Their missions vary from simple exploration to emergency back up of the conventional SGC teams, to general R&D of alien tech, some of which is deemed to dangerous in nature to do on earth, Also SGO-8 Diplomatic Team runs the first alien embassy with permanent quarters for Tok’ra and Ja’faa leaders and their personnel. Current alien population varies from 20-40 people per month. The SGO site is used for almost all large scale off world operations from research to military.

PX382-626 was selected because of its earth like environment, also ruins of an advanced culture that have been found not far from the Stargate. The SGO-2 (Research) team is continually unearthing new artefacts there.

The gate code for PX382-626 is currently unknown to the Goa’uld, and most SGC base personnel, Few SGC personnel even know the true depth of the Stargate Omega Project. Only the leaders of each SGC team, General Hammond, The President, Vice President and the joint chiefs know the gate code and GDO Code for the Omega Site Base.

The leaders of each SG team, know only that the Omega gate code is to be used in an extreme emergency such as if their SGC team is for some reason unable to return to the SGC on earth for more then 120 hours (5 days) The Omega Site Stargate features its own iris, which must be activated with the standard GDO and special code, issued to each SGC Team Leader.

PX382-626 is Earth’s first true off world colony.

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