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CANEXFORCOM is the acronym used for the Canadian Expeditionary Forces Command located at Cheyenne Mountain Colorado. It is the Canadian Forces contribution to Stargate Command under the command of Major General George Hammond USAF.


The Canadian involvement with the SGC was an accident. Although Canada was involved with operations at NORAD, the Canadian military was kept in the dark and was unaware of the Stargate Program.

On a routine diplomatic mission to P6U-2366 to conduct trade negotiations, a mixed party of US Department of State and their escorts were taken by surprise and over powered by an unknown insurrectionist movement on that planet. The rebels demanded that weapons and medical supplies be sent through the Stargate and to prove they meant business the rebels executed the escort commander and a lower ranking member of the diplomatic entourage.

Maj Gen Hammond could not mount a rescue mission as all available teams were off world and the remaining teams were unavailable. Hammond learned that Canada’s JTF2 was conducting infiltration training at the NORAD base and quickly put a call in to his old friend Brigadier General Simon Rousseau who he knew now commanded the newly expanded counter terrorist and special operations force that won accolades in its participation in the War on Terrorism in Afghanistan during 2001-2002.

Gen Rousseau was more then happy to help his friend and without question or authority from national authority cut orders to reassign JTF2 for a rescue mission. He detached the team from exercise and a US Army MH60 Pavehawk picked them up and took them to the main access tunnel of the Stargate facility.

After careful planning, the JTF2 team commander and General Hammond decided that the best way to get the hostages back was to play into the demands of the rebels. They first sent a MALP in towing a trailer filled with the medical supplies and a hidden camera that fed live feed back to the SGC. The camera showed the locations of the sentries and defensive positions as well as the tent where the hostages were being kept. The SGC requested that the MALP used to tow the medical trailer be sent back so the weapons trailer could be sent in. The rebels were overjoyed and started to celebrate as they felt they won an important victory for their cause.

The MALP went through, towing the trailer. The rescue teams were hidden underneath tarps and were being fed constant updates of positional information of the rebels. In 30 seconds it was all over. All the rebels were neutralized and the hostages were freed.

The President phoned the Prime Minister to thank him for the brave action of JTF2 and requested a secret meeting that evening. The PM agreed and during that meeting, the President briefed the PM about the Stargate Program and gave full disclosure on what is out there and what the US has been involved with. The US head of state also requested a Canadian contribution to the SGC and the PM agreed.

Brigadier General Simon Rousseau was court-martialed in secret and demoted to colonel. Colonel Rousseau was also given a new assignment, commanding the newly formed CANEXFORCOM.


Officer Commanding: Colonel Simon Rousseau
2IC: Major Oliver Tranh

Expeditionary Element (Deployable)*
SG21: Exploration (combined)
SG22: Combat Strike Team (JTF2/Light Infantry)
* Not named as these could be the player teams
NOTE: Both SG21 and SG22 are assigned 1US liaison officer, as is US policy for foreign SGC teams. This officer is more of an advisor that in the actual chain of command.

Support Element (Non-Deployable)
Medical Detachment: 8 medical personnel (1 surgeon, 1 dentist, 1 nursing officer, 2 PA, 3 Med A)
Security Detachment: 12 MPs (light infantry trained)
UAV detachment: 4 operators, 8 techs, 2 UAVs
Command and Control Detachment: Colonel Rousseau, Major Tranh, CWO Shaw, 6 Signalers, 2 drivers, 2 RMS clerks.

Standard Equipment

All: SIG-Sauer P226 9mm pistol, 3 magazines, 2 sets of CanPats, load bearing vest, tactical radio, multi-tool, camel back, undercover vest, ballistic goggles, 1 day MREs, combat knife.
Weapons In Use. Pistol: SIG-Sauer P226, SIG-Sauer P228 (off duty weapon). Submachine Gun: H&K MP5 (MP5N, MP5 PDW). Carbine: Diemaco C8. Assault Rifle: Diemaco C7A1. Light Machine Gun: C9. Shotgun: Franchi SPAS 15, Remington 870. GPMG: C6. Grenade launcher: Diemaco M203. Sniper Rifle: MGS90, AI L96AWM, Barrett M82A1.
When anti-armor or anti-aircraft weapons are needed this equipment is drawn from USAF stocks.
Canada is also considering the purchase of the FN Five-Seven pistol and FN P90 PDW to arm its SG personnel.


Tauri/Earth symbol with Maple leaf in center.


This is only a sample of the missions CANEXFORCOM has participated in, not all.

P2J-006NEGOTIATESG21Contact established the Jinn (Chinese society mid 19th century level technology)
P0K-229DEFENDSG21/22Defended rogue Jaffa against unknown System Lord Force.
P7Q-9876DESTROYSG22Goa’uld spaceport
P5R-008INVESTIGATESG21Unknown ruins
P1D-667MEDIATESG21Dispute between the Shelbag (medieval Romans and the Vrex (advanced near human survivors of a crashed colony ship)).

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