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Acauda Isles

Trailing off the island, like the tail of a reversed letter “Q”, are the Acauda Isles. As South China Sea isles go, they are not very spectacular. In fact, many are not much larger than a baseball field. But some are large enough to support vegetation and they are a favorite picnic spot for tourists and boaters who want maximum privacy.

Some of the islands are even large enough that the government offered them for sale to private owners. There are a few that sport beach cottages or houses, but they require their own generators and fresh water must be caught in cisterns and stored in tanks or , delivered from the mainland.

At the end of the Acauda Isles is Dragão Isle, largest of the key islands. It is covered with dense undergrowth and has a very nasty reputation. Madripoorans avoid it all costs. It is said that people who have visited it are not seen again. Fisherman will not even offer it as an option to their tourist parties.

It is rumored that a dragon-worshipping cult holds their secret rites of worship and human sacrifice there. In actuality, not much is known about the island… for now.

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