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The People

The people of Indonesia have some common features in the form of straight jet-black hair, large and liquid black eyes, flat noses and wide, toothy and charming smiles. Their complexions vary from a rich brown to a lovely golden tan. Unlike other inscrutable and impassive Orientals, the people of Indonesia are full of gaiety and restlessness, with free and open expressions. Because of the differences, many other oriental cultures look down on the Indonesians and treat them as untrustworthy and beneath them.

Many cultures have influenced Indonesia and its people. Millions of Indonesians originated from many ethnic groups and were influenced by the influx of peoples from China, Arabia, Indochina and Europe. Religions are also diversified, a major part of the population is Muslim, but Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians are found on many of the islands, including Madripoor.

The Portuguese brought with them the architecture of Europe, which dominates the island. The Dutch brought their language, an educational system, and the judicial process. The Europeans also brought the arms and firepower that suppressed the natives and insured their control. Madripoor is now a mish-mash of influence from many cultures. Both urban and rural life has been affected. Especially with advent of the Internet and small portable satellite TV dishes.

The predominant influence on the islanders today is television from the United States. The younger Madripoorans, just like their counterparts around the world, strive to emulate their TV heroes, musical idols and fashion models.

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