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Refúgio Bay

Once upon a time there was a volcano that pushed up out of the sea and then died. A few eons later another volcano burst forth about 15 miles to the south. The ensuing earthquake caused the first volcano to sink almost to sea level and one wall of the crater to open creating an almost perfectly round, well protected and very deep bay.

Eons later, pirates discovered this wonderful protected harbor and claimed it for their own. But the pirates were soon gone under the guns of the Portuguese and Dutch and the harbor became a favorite place for pleasure boats to lie at anchor.

It was simply a matter of time before the island paradise drew the attention of vacationers and businessmen alike. Soon came a marina, then hotels and clubs, until today Refúgio Bay is one of the foremost tourist resort areas in Indonesia.

The bay can accommodate ships of almost any size, though an aircraft carrier would have a little difficulty. It has become a favored spot for people who are cruising the South China Sea and looking for an idyllic place to drop anchor and enjoy some of the most modern entertainment and hotel facilities in the world.

The government, of course, runs the casino and turns a tidy profit on the proceeds. It also offers special deals to the hotels. The hotel guests get reduced passes to the casino and the casino gets prominent mention in all the hotel’s promotion materials.

There is also the Refúgio Bay Country Club with a full eighteen-hole golf course, tennis, and sport’s club facilities. People who maintain homes in the Bay area get a discount membership while visitors and tourists can buy a short-term membership.

If the people get tired of the hotels and their Las Vegas-style shows, they can always stroll down to the Madripoor Center for the Arts. This four-building complex offers concerts, plays and art galleries to please the senses.


The Shoreman House: In all the world’s great cities you can find a Shoreman House. They are known for offering comfortable accommodations at a reasonable price. The food and service are slightly above the norm and its proximity to the beach makes it a very attractive package for the traveler who wants to experience a pleasant vacation without losing his shirt.

The Flying Dutchman: The most expensive hotel on the island is worth every penny. The rooms are luxurious in the extreme. The penthouse, with views of both the bay and the sea, is positively sumptuous. The nouvelle cuisine is magnificent and the hotel often features special menus celebrating particular cuisines from around the world. The hotel is the centerpiece for the annual Pirates’ Regatta when sailboats from all over Indonesia come to unfurl sails and join in a magnificent display of sailing encircling the island. The Flying Dutchman is also known for it’s marvelous terrace, which is made of different colored stones that form a large abstract mosaic that can be admired from the penthouse.


Refúgio Bay also has some of the finest restaurants on Madripoor, which is saying a lot considering the consistently high quality of the restaurants around the island.

Island Princess: With a menu that changes daily based on the freshest catch, the Island Princess has become a favorite with natives and tourists alike. The main dining room is entirely glass enclosed, including part of the ceiling. The 270-degree view allows earlybirds and latenighters to admire the sunrise with their breakfast and to savor the sunset along with their dinner,

Neptune’s Favorite: Decorated with nautical scenes and tons of statuary carved from coral, this restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere that many enjoy. The outdoor café welcomes swimmers and sunbathers directly from the beach.


The Reef: Featuring a disc jockey playing the latest dance tunes, this club appeals to the younger crowd. Friday and Saturday afternoons are TeenTime when boys and girls under 18 are allowed in to dance. No alcohol is served during this time.

The Glass Surf: If you can make it to the bar on a crowded night, you’ll see where the club gets its name. Behind the bar is a magnificent glass sculpture of crashing surf. Unfortunately, the management has decided that it wasn’t pretty enough on its own and have placed colored lights behind and below the sculpture. The lights go on and off in time to the music. The crowd ranges from 18 to 30, who come in to listen to the disc jockey or to live bands. Currently, reggae star Bobby Markham is performing.

Chases in Madripoor City and Refúgio Bay

Chases in these cities will be in very tight quarters for the most part. Both cities teem with people, both tourists and natives. Much care will have to be taken in the cities to avoid any collateral damage.

Terrain type: Close or Tight
Common chase types: Ground or foot
Initial starting speeds: ½ of the fastest vehicles maximum MPH (Close) or ¼ of the fastest vehicle’s maximum MPH (Tight)
Maneuver modifiers: No modifiers (Close) or driver of the vehicle with the higher handling receives a +1 speed bonus to maneuver checks (Tight)
Obstacle chance: 1 in d6 (Close) or 1 in d4 (Tight)
Obstacle DC: 18 (Close) or 24 (Tight)

Obstacle types

  1. Model Behavior: A group of models doing a photo shoot is directly in you path. Try to avoid them.
  2. A Head for Fruit: Avoid the native woman carrying the basket on her head.
  3. Cast off: There is a boat at the end of this dead end dock. Maybe you can jump onto the boat.
  4. What’s in Store: You’ve found a store. Roll d6:
    1. Souvenir Shop
    2. Boutique
    3. Salon
    4. Antique/Music Box
    5. Rare Books
    6. Sports Shop
  5. Shuttle Space: It looks like a large metal centipede, but it is a bus for transporting tourists and it’s in your way.
  6. Bunches of Fun: A bunch of tourists are in your path. Roll d6:
    1. Beach types
    2. Senior Citizens
    3. Young lovers
    4. Camera Freaks
    5. Businessmen
    6. School Children

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