Welcome to Madripoor

MouthyMerc’s adaptation of Madripoor from the Web Wars Trilogy

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Welcome to the island of Madripoor, where intrigue, subterfuge and double-dealing await your players’ characters at every turn.

This supplement is the first of a trilogy. The information and adventure included in this booklet can be used as a launching point into the next two parts, but each one can stand on its own. If you plan on running all three supplements it would be best if you run them in order since information in one is useful in the next one in the series.

This booklet describes the island nation of Madripoor, a country geographically in the northwestern Indonesian archipelago. Madripoor is also centerstage for countless intelligence operations, a hotbed of political and espionage intrigue. Included are descriptions of the major cities, ports, terrain types, people, customs… everything you will need to run a campaign. Madripoor is designed to be a place you can use over and over in your campaign. The PCs will find many friendly and unfriendly NPCs to interact with and each NPC description contains guidelines for how they will react to the PCs.

Next is a section that contains maps of Madripoor showing the major roadways and terrain types. Also, the maps depict major locations on the island and floorplans you can use for hotels, mansions, resorts, wharves and warehouses… places where spies go to collect information and generally get into trouble. The rest of the book presents an adventure to get the PCs started on the island. It will provide ample opportunity for you to introduce the various aspects of the island to the players.

Keep in mind, though, that Madripoor is a fictional island and that the most fun part of a fictional island is this: You can do anything you want with it. Have fun.

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