Wake, Alison

From Charles Warrington’s Phoenix Rising campaign.

Covert Ops Ace


Height – 5’4ft
Weight – 127lbs
Age – 24
Sex – F
Hair Color – Brown
Eye Color – Brown
Ethnic – Caucasian
No Markings
Home Country – Netherlands
Department – Orphan
Martial Artist 5/ Ninja 6

Strength – 12
Dexterity – 20
Constitution – 15
Intelligence – 12
Wisdom – 16
Charisma – 14

Vitality – 120
Wound – 15
Defense 24 (10 + 5 Dex + 9 Class)
Initiative – + 13 (8 Class + 5 Dex)

Special AbilitiesHardened (+ 6 against seduction attempts or social checks to turn her against the agency), “In for life…” (may always take 10 for 3 skills), Light Armor Proficiency, Melee, Hurled, Martial Arts and Exotic Weapons, Unyielding, Martial Arts, Life of Discipline (Body), Improved Disarm, 2 Melee or Unarmed Combat Feats, Backstab (When attacking a flat footed foe BAB = Agent Lvl),Like a Whisper (Grand), Ambusher (Opponents cease to be flat footed when attacked only changing after their first action), Ki Sense (F/P 19), Sneak Attack + 1d6, Special Ability (Fast Movement + 10ft)

Awareness + 17 (14 Rank + 3 Wis)
Balance + 12 (7 Rank + 5 Dex)
Bluff + 8 (6 Rank + 2 Cha)
Climb + 8 (7 Rank + 1 Str)
Disguise + 8 (6 Rank + 2 Cha)
Escape Artist + 15 (4 cc (8) + 6 Rank + 5 Dex)
Jump + 8 (7 Rank + 1 Str)
Profession (Espionage) + 7 (4 Rank + 3 Wis)
Sense Motive + 13 (10 Rank + 3 Wis)
Stealth + 21 (14 Rank + 5 Dex + 4 Stealthy, 17-20)
Tumble + 12 (7 Rank + 5 Dex)

Languages – English, Dutch (Native), Russian, Swedish (No Accent)

Feats – Career Operative, Blind-Fight, Stealthy, Archery Basics (PAC51), Blocking Basics (SEG 79), Dodging Basics (SEG 80), Acrobatic, Warrior’s Grace (SEG 82)

Base Attack Bonus – + 8

Unarmed + 9 AB | 1d6 + 1 | Error – 1 | Threat – 20
Compound Bow + 13 AB | 1d6 + 1 | Error – 1 | Threat – 18-20 | Range – 80ft

Fortitude + 7 (5 Class + 2 Con + 1 Career Operative)
Reflex + 13 (8 Class + 5 Dex + 1 Career Operative)
Will + 6 (6 Class + 3 Wis + 1 Career Operative)

Gear – Martial Arts Bundles, Lock picking Kit, Smart Phone, Compound Bow, 50 Arrows


Background – Alison is an orphan, she lost her birth parents at a young age (she doesn’t remember when exactly but it was when she was 5) due to a traffic accident. She survived but her grandmother was to ill to care for her so she went into an orphanage, the Late Alpha Control (ODIN) was always fond of recruiting orphans for some reason (perhaps he felt he could give them purpose and keep them out of criminal activity) and kept them in his own personal stable of operatives along with other individuals he recruited through normal means.

ODIN gave her massive opportunity, she went to a private school and had a safe environment to grow up in (with the other operatives in training) even if ODIN pushed her to her limits. He put her on the infiltration training program which incorporated flexibility and speed training and eventually she learned demolitions rather than becoming a master infiltrator (likeLEOPARD) although her intrusion skills are still impressive. Alison never liked guns or knives so unarmed combat training became important, one time she tried a bow and fell in love with the weapon. Again ODIN improves upon his operative’s natural tendencies so he let the girl keep the bow and started her training with it.

When TEMPEST (Bravo) and STONEFACE (Charlie) betrayed ODINAlsion was forced into combat with trained soldiers but held her own and was responsible for sabotaging key installations being occupied by STONEFACE’s legions. Her bow was amazingly useful for covert attack but she was unable to help her benevolent (to her) protector against TEMPEST’s treachery and STONEFACE’s bullets. After ODIN died she and the other survivors of ODIN’s secret operatives were assimilated under THORN.

Description – Alison is a rather meek girl she spent a lot of time training with ODIN’s operatives at his private hideout in Scandanavia. She dresses in average clothing and prefers not to attract attention to herself, sometimes she still gets it and stumbles her way through the conversation. The consummate spy Alison is always alert and blends into her environment moving with subtle purpose.

Attitude – Alison is uncertain of her future, she has never lived without The Conspiracy and Vargas is an unknown quantity, for all she knows Alison could be working against what ODIN’s former purpose was. The old man was never very forthcoming with his motivations and she began to accept that as the norm cause the other people she lived and worked with were the same. She embodies this virtue as well and is hardened against any sort of assault that could endanger her brothers and sisters.

Means – Alison is a talented saboteur able to break most anything (or explode the other things she can’t) given enough time and materials. Her training was through and custom fitted for her learning style so she has knowledge beyond her physical abilities.

Methods – Alison prefers to subtly sabotage things and make life worse for enemies of The Conspiracy (now much smaller after the original broke apart), whenever possible she likes to use precision explosions to disable critical components of structures and vehicles avoiding large explosions whenever possible.

Motivation – Alison knows nothing beyond The Conspiracy she only began to run independent operations shortly before the Descension (afterwards she simply sabotaged STONEFACE’s facilities which were still part of The Conspiracy) so she is stuck in a mental groove following Vargas.

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