Vargas, Gabriella

From Charles Warrington’s Phoenix Rising campaign.

Master of Information


Height – 5’6ft
Weight – 112lbs
Age – 31
Sex – F
Hair Color – Brown
Eye Color – Brown
Ethnic – Latina
Home Country – Panama
Department – Recruitment
Sleuth 9/ Accuser 5

Gear – Designer Clothing, Smart Phone, Tablet Computer

Character History – Vargas was the daughter of one of Manuel Noriega’s most trusted lieutenants (his head of internal security) and a very wanted man or at least he was. The CIA rounded him up but left Vargas fatherless, she has never fully recovered from the trauma she encountered at the hands of the CIA paramilitaries who rounded up her family. She just barely escaped their net and was found by the agency in a foster home in Caracas with no background. She eventually rose to the top for internal security in Delta Control’s branch of the Agency fishing out defectors and double agents in that branch.

Means – Vargas has many resources at her disposal not only does she have the financial might of Verdachi but she has a reduced piece of the Archives and can freely call upon Col. Grace’s Erebus Regulars and Nyx’s technical experts. Additionally Static agents are well trained in covert operations (including assassination) and she has great influence in Rome and Istanbul.

Methods – Vargas prefers covert methods whenever possible utilizing proxies and other organizations to do her dirty work. Her Black Book originally compiled by the original THORN includes numerous names of Hired Guns and Professionals and this gives her a vast network to build upon. She is also well capitalized which allows her to control the purse strings for several groups (Erebus, Project Daedalus, and others) this gives her lots of control.

Motivation – Vargas is a big fan of control, its doesn’t matter over what it is as long as she controls it

Strength 12
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 16
Charisma 18

Vitality – 122
Wound – 12
Defense 21 (10 + 8 Class + 3 Dex)
Initiative – + 11 (8 Class + 3 Dex)

Special AbilitiesA Deal He Can’t Refuse (+ 8 to harass agents into joining her organization), I Know What You Did (Reduce the power of a cover identity by 1), Light and Medium Armor Proficiency, Melee, Handgun, and Rifle Proficiency, Expert (Adds class level to any education checks made in addition to agent level, if using an action die add that die to the result), Interview + 4, Sources(1/session free information favor check outside normal channels),Human Nature (2/session may re-roll one failed sense motive),Awareness + 2, Little Details (2/session, may make one free special combat action (trip, disarm, feint, or sunder) with a + 2 to the attack), Continuity (choose 10 class skills from before, they are still class skills), Watchful Eye (Vargas and Team gain a morale bonus = to her level on all skill checks to conceal their presence plus the DCs to find any trace of their actions is increased by the same amount), Tribunal (2/session Background Check – Vargas may gain access to any public records tied to one target of their choice,),Master Investigator (Grand), Legal Counsel (+ 5 cooperative to all Assistance, Clearance, and Intervention), Accuser’s Privilege (Make a Favor Check DC 10 + Agents, During a Manhunt all DCs are reduced by 10, All Cover IDs are reduced by 2)

Awareness + 20 (17 Rank + 3 Wis)
Bureaucracy + 12 (8 Rank + 4 Cha)
Cultures + 21 (17 Rank + 3 Wis)
Escape Artist + 20 (17 Rank + 3 Dex)
Gather Information + 23 (17 Rank + 4 Cha)
Open Lock + 20 (17 Rank + 3 Dex)
Innuendo + 25 (17 Rank + 4 Cha + 4 Field Operative, 17-20)
Intimidate + 18/21 (17 Rank + 1 Str/ 4 Cha)
Knowledge (Psychology) + 12 (9 Rank + 3 Int)
Knowledge (Espionage) + 13 (8 Rank + 3 Int)
Profession (Espionage) + 12 (9 Rank + 3 Wis)
Sense Motive + 24 (17 Rank + 3 Wis + 4 Field Operative, 17-20)
Read Lips + 22 (2cc (4) + 13 Rank + 3 Int + 4 Field Operative, 17-20),

Languages – English (Panamanian Accent), Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Arabic

Feats – Mark, Talented (Read Lips), Field Operative, Advanced Skill Mastery (Field Operative)

Base Attack Bonus – + 8

Sig Sauer P-230 +11 AB | 2d4 | Error – 1 | Threat – 20 | Range – 15 | Mods – DP

Fortitude + 5 (4 Class + 1 Con)
Reflex + 10 (7 Class + 3 Dex)
Will + 16 (13 Class + 3 Wis)

Secret Inventory – 2 doses of lethal poison, 2 doses of Sodium Pentothal, Disguise Kit, 2 sets of handcuffs, Sig Sauer P-230 w/ discreet garter holster, 3 7 round P-230 magazines


History – Gabriella previously worked as an information asset for the Agency after that op she turned on her former employers, a smuggling group out of Central America. Two years ago she “disappeared” without a trace, a small effort was made to track her but she was relatively new and likely had no information that could damage the Agency (according to the reports). Prior to BLACKJACKit was revealed that she became a mole in Alexander Marikov’s Organization (Twilight) and led Agent Team Bravo to some of Twilight’s more sensitive locations, The Agency had no knowledge how advanced his organization truly was. She was partially responsible for foiling Marikov’s end game even if it led to theBLACKJACK incident.

She never returned to the Agency after that as it fell into disarray, brought down by internal conflict between the controls (particularly the treacherous Bravo Control). She was spotted working with Col. Solomon Grace of Erebus, her capacity is unknown but she has extensive HUMINT training and has contacted some old Conspiracy agents using their old contact information which she acquired somehow. Not much is known about her operations within the Conspiracy or under Erebus, it seems like she was disavowed after BLACKJACK by someone with high level access to Conspiracy databases.

Description – Gabriella prefers to dress in fashionable clothes or whatever is practical considering her surroundings. She is never without her trusty cell phone and normally has a tablet computer on her person at all times, her interactions are well researched leading to rumors that she has might have some high quality intelligence sources and ears and eyes everywhere.

Attitude – Vargas is non-combative and seems like she is always looking for something specific when dealing with everyone. She has been able to weasel out information from common conversations in a strange fashion leading some to believe she has a lot of interrogation training.

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