The Ultraviolet television series, which consisted of six episodes, was produced by World Productions for Channel 4 in 1998. First screened, on Channel 4, during the months of September and October 1998 it was a modern-day look at vampires in London. Perhaps the biggest surprise was that the word “vampire” was never actually used in the series itself, which preferred the terms “Code V” (in which the “V” was the Roman numeral for five) and “leeches”. The former term was the official designation, while the latter was a slang term.

Presenting a gritty-edged look at the conflict between humans and Code Vs, the series extremely well made, with intelligent plots and interesting characters. Such was the success of the series that it was repeated on Sky One during the months of January and February 1999, and again in 2002 on the UK Sci-Fi channel. Unfortunately, a second series was never commissioned, however the original episodes were released on video and DVD and are reasonably easy to obtain.

This small document attempts to allow a campaign to be played in the Ultraviolet “universe”.

Download Ultraviolet

Additionally, for those who like a little more weaponry in their games, Mr.Venom (formerly of the old Modus Operandi forums) came up with the following: Ultraviolet – Equipment Additions.

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