The Insider Prestige Class

by Chad J. Bowser

The Insider is the master of the dirty underside of Intelligence gathering. No piece of information, electronic or physical can escape the determined hunt of the Insider. Named after his predilection for “dumpster diving” to retrieve information, the Insider is not afraid to get his hands, or the rest of him, dirty. Although he takes his title from the trash bins he delves on behalf of humanity, he’s equally comfortably moving through the hallways of organizations. However, the Insider’s forays into the corporate world are not long term investments, he’s trained to make a quick call or step into an office for a second and then leave. It could be said that the Insider goes where other super agents fear to tread.
Abilities: Dexterity and Charisma are the paramount ability scores to the Insider. They form the basis of most of his class skills and are the most important when trying to get information and move through the alleys. Intelligence is also important for when the Insider needs.
Vitality: 1d8 plus Constitution bonus per level.

To become a Insider, the agent must meet all of the following requirements:
Agent Level: 5+
Gather Information: 8+ ranks
Search: 8+ ranks
Hide: 4+ ranks
Bluff: 4+ ranks
Feats: Charmer, Traceless

Class Skills
The Insider’s class skills are Appraise, Bluff, Bureaucracy, Computer, Craft, Cryptography, Diplomacy, Disguise, Driver, Forgery, Gather Information, Hide, Hobby, Innuendo, Knowledge, Listen, Open Lock, Perform, Profession, Read Lips, Search, Sense Motive, Spot, Surveillance, and Survival.

Skill Points at Each Level: 8 + Int modifier.

Class Features
All the following are class features of the Insider.

Class Feats: The Saint gains the following feats at 1st level: Armor Proficiency (Light), Weapon Proficiency (Melee), Weapon Proficiency (Handgun).
I know that’s around here somewhere…: The Insider has the uncanny ability to have the most unusual items on or around his person. By spending an action die, the Insider can, 1/session, be said to possess an item of 5 BP or less that the group needs, but which was not originally purchased with budget. This ability can not be used to acquire firearms or armor. This is the Insider’s core ability.
Just a bum: The Insider spends a great deal of time getting dirty in the worst parts of town. Once per session for one scene the the Insider gains the benefits of a cover identity as a bum with a power rating equal to his level.
I just work here: After gathering information on a location, the Insider can pass himself off as an employee of a facility. At 2nd level, he gains a +4 to bluff and gather information checks when trying to pass himself off as an employee, provided he is making contact via telephone or email, not in person. This ability can be used 1/session. At level 7, this ability increases to 2/session.
Skulking: The Insider is as adept at moving through dumpsters, alleyways and sewers as a street bum or ganger. Plus, he’s learned how to talk his way out of situations with the local authorities. At 3rd level, he gains the Virtual Skill feat Skulking which gives him a +2 bonus to his Bluff, Hide, and Search checks and increases the threat range of these to 19-20. At 5th level, he gains the Advance Skill Mastery (Skulking). At 7th level, he gains the Grand Skill Mastery (Skulking), and at 9th level he receives Perfect Skill Mastery (Skulking). All pre-requisites for these feats, including minimum agent level, are waived.
Shadow: The Insider has become so adept at moving in and out of the alleyways of the world that he gains the Hidden Run feat at 4th level, even if he doesn’t have the Improved Equilibrium feat. He must still meet the other requirements.
Font of Knowledge: The Insider has learned a great deal in his work and is willing to share that knowledge. Any teammate making an Education check gets to add +2 to their roll as long as the Insider is present at the time.
The buddy system: Nobody should go diving alone, particularly at night. With all the time the Insider spends scouting sites he makes numerous contacts among the criminal and homeless elements of the world. At 6th level, the Insider can spend an action die once per session to call upon 1d6 street denizens to assist and defend him. Alternatively, he can spend an action die once per session and they will provide him with a safe house, even if it is a cardboard box.
Cut to the Chase: Starting at 8th level, the Insider can cut the time required for a gather information check to 1 hour instead of 4 and increase the threat range to 18-20. This ability can be used 2/session.
Follow Me: The Insider is so deft at moving through alleys this is expertise rubs off on his teammates. When in an urban environment, all teammates moving with the Insider are considered to have rolled at least a 10 on their move silently roll.
Do you know who I am!: At 10th level the Insider has perfected passing himself off as an employee of a company. Now, he’s moved on to impersonating management. By spending an action die, the Insider can compel any 5th level or lower minion to reveal one discrete piece of information per point of Charisma modifier. Alternatively, this ability can be used against multiple people, up to the Insider’s Charisma modifier. As an example, a Insider with a +3 charisma modifier can convince a minion to reveal three important pieces of information, such as ‘where is the lab?’ or, he could use this ability against 3 people for one piece of information each. The clues revealed are analogous to an Inspiration check. The GC can refuse to answer a request for information by spending two action dice.

The Insider

1+0+0+2+1+1+120I know that’s around here somewhere, Just a bum
2+1+0+3+2+1+141I just work here
5+2+1+4+3+3+2103Font of Knowledge
6+3+2+5+3+4+3124The buddy system
7+3+2+5+4+4+3145I just work here
8+4+2+6+4+5+3166Cut to the Chase
9+4+3+6+4+5+4186Follow Me
10+5+3+7+5+6+4207Do you know who I am!

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