Terrace, Amanda

From Charles Warrington’s Phoenix Rising campaign.

Cat Burglar and Master Infiltrator


Height – 5’2
Weight – 113
Age – 27
Sex – F
Hair Color – Blonde
Eye Color – Blue
Ethnic – White
Markings – Leopard Tattoo on Thigh
Home County – South Africa
Department – Freelancer
Fixer 5/ Cat Burglar 7

Strength – 10
Dexterity – 20
Constitution – 12
Intelligence – 12
Wisdom – 16
Charisma – 18

Vitality – 108
Wound – 12
Defense 24 (10 + 5 Dex + 9 Class)
Initiative – + 9 (4 Class + 5 Dex)

Special Abilities – Hurled, Melee, Handgun, Rifle Proficiency, Light Armor Proficiency, Dextrous (double action dice on Dex-based skills), Procure (Gear up during mission), Evasion, Sneak Attack + 2d6, Uncanny Dodge, Case (scout) {1hr, Surveillance DC20 + security rating to learn site security rating}, Nimble (+ 1 to all Dex-based skill), Honor Among Thieves (Improves disposition 2 grades among criminal contacts), Go to Ground (Hiding, SFA 166), Improvise Tools(no penalties for climb or open lock), Case (Foil) (SFA 165), “Do I Want to Know” (7/session 1 hour to get one item costing less than $200)

Appraise + 12 (9 Rank + 1 Int + 2 Master Fence, 19-20)
Balance + 24 (15 Rank + 5 Dex + 1 Nimble + 3 Acrobatic, 18-20)
Climb + 15 (15 Rank + 0 Str)
Electronics + 8 (6 Rank + 2 Int)
Escape Artist + 21 (15 Rank + 5 Dex + 1 Nimble)
Forgery + 6 (3 Rank + 1 Int + 2 Master Fence, 19-20)
Gather Information + 9 (3 Rank + 4 Cha + 2 Master Fence, 19-20)
Jump + 18 (15 Rank + 0 Str + 3 Acrobatic, 18-20)
Stealth + 21 (15 Rank + 5 Dex + 1 Nimble)
Open Lock + 21 (15 Rank + 5 Dex + 1 Nimble)
Search + 10 (9 Rank + 1 Int)
Tumble + 24 (15 Rank + 5 Dex + 1 Nimble + 3 Acrobatic, 18-20)

Languages – English, Dutch (Native), Italian, Japanese

Feats – Acrobat, Master Fence, Filthy Rich, Advanced Skill Mastery (Acrobat), Black Shadow (F/P 44), Flawless Identity (SEG 93), “It Takes a Thief” (F/P 44), “To Catch a Thief” (F/P 45), Five Star Service

Base Attack Bonus – + 6

Stiletto + 6 AB | 1d6 | Error – 1-2 | Threat – 20
Sig Sauer P232 + 11 AB | 2d4 | Error – 1 | Threat – 20 | Mods – DP

Fortitude + 6 (5 Class + 1 Con)
Reflex + 14 (9 Class + 5 Dex)
Will + 6 (3 Class + 3 Wis)

Gear – Break-in Bag, Intrusion Bundle, Stiletto, Sig Sauer P232 w/ 2 magazines and garter holster (+ 4 to find the holster), Trendy Clothes


Background – Amanda has a storied history, ever since she first started her criminal career in Johannesburg and Cape Town she has just gotten more brazen. The Agency used her talent as a freelancer frequently preferring to distance itself from herINTERPOL record. She currently operates under an assumed name (Amanda Terrace) as a security consultant and freelancer for Erebus. The effects of the BLACKJACK incident weigh heavily on her because if she was there it is possible she could have been exposed to that radiation.

She went legit shortly afterwards leaving the Agency behind her (she was a freelancer anyway so she holds no loyalty to the Agency) and found a job opportunity with a corporate startup in Cape Town (Erebus). It was originally a one time opportunity but the boss Solomon Grace was insistent that he had greater opportunities for her and she was happy to accept. Since then she has been working for Erebus as a security expert designing the company’s security network by herself with some help from the techs at Nyx and their suppliers.

Description – Amanda has a very noticeable tattoo that she likes to flaunt, seeming to enjoy the hunt as much as the end result. To that effect she typically wears the latest fashions, on assignment she prefers a tighter fitting set of fatigues tailor made for her and covers her long blonde hair with a watch cap.

Attitude – Ms. Terrace acts more like a starlet than a cat burglar enjoying a socialite lifestyle and living large with an Erebus expense account and a corporate jet (shared unfortunately) capable of reaching Europe or South Africa in a few hours. She enjoys working in her current capacity and regularly appears at Erebus Sites to update their security systems. This more hands off approach has not dulled her skills though shes never been more capable (and she knows it) and as Erebus adds more sites they require her services more and more.

MeansLEOPARD is a highly trained operative she is immensely capable of moving unseen through even the most secure facilities and retrieving her objectives. When engaged in combat she will simply flee rather than fight if given the option, Live to fight another day after all.

MethodsLEOPARD approaches all problems as a mystery needing to be solved, she cases the place beforehand to generate an infiltration plan, then will do a few dry runs on less secure facilities to bring up her courage. Then she will infiltrate the place and attempt to leave without a trace (though sometimes she leaves a little cat token as a calling card for particularly complex jobs).

Motive – Truly Amanda is smitten with Col. Grace, she would of course never admit it but the two of them have gotten close to each other. It could be a great way to get information about the organization should the PCs find a way to exploit it and she knows intimate details about Erebus defenses and personnel interacting with them on a regular basis.

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