From Charles Warrington’s Phoenix Rising campaign.


Height – 5’7ft
Weight – 146
Age – 32
Sex – F
Hair Color – Brown
Eye Color – Brown
Ethnic – African
Multiple Scars
Home Country – Somalia
Department – The Lethals
Martial Artist 12

Strength – 20
Dexterity – 16
Constitution – 18
Intelligence – 12
Wisdom – 20
Charisma – 12

Vitality – 168
Wound – 18
Defense 23 (10 + 10 Class + 3 Dex)
Initiative – + 11 (7 Class + 3 Dex + 1 Int)

Special Abilities – + 3 Stealth, Medium Sword (AB + 3 with THISknife), Trademark Weapon (Quick Draw, any number of MW mods for the Sword), Light Armor Proficiency, Melee, Handgun, Archaic and Martial Arts, Unyielding , Martial Arts, Life of Discipline (Body and Spirit, SFA 220), Ploy (Improved Disarm), Wuxia + 10, Master’s Touch (Combine two named abilities in an unarmed combat feat),Improved Reach (10ft), Potent + 2

Awareness + 20 (15 Rank + 5 Wis)
Balance + 20 (15 Rank + 3 Dex +2 Acrobatic, 19-20)
Climb + 13 (8 Rank + 5 Str)
Jump + 22 (15 Rank + 5 Str + 2 Acrobatic, 19-20)
Stealth + 22 (15 Rank + 3 Dex + 4 Department)
Survival + 20 (15 Rank + 5 Wis)
Swim + 12 (7 Rank + 5 Str)
Tumble + 20 (15 Rank + 3 Dex + 2 Acrobatic, 19-20)

Languages – English, Arabic, French, Farsi

Feats – Acrobatic, Jump Up, Improved Equilibrium (SEG 87), Spider Walk (SEG 87), Expertise, Vital Point Basics (PAC 57), Vital Point Mastery (PAC 57), Darting Weapon (Trade AB for Initiative), Assassin, Master Assassin (Don’t have to spend action die to confirm threats)

Base Attack Bonus – + 11

Medium Sword + 22 AB | 1d8 + 6 | Error – 1 | Threat – 15-20 | Mods – Composite, Custom Handle, Ergo dynamic Form, Expert Craftsmanship, Lethal Tuning, Perfect Balance

Fortitude + 10 (6 Class + 4 Con)
Reflex + 9 (6 Class + 3 Dex)
Will + 11 (6 Class + 5 Wis)

Gear – Medium Sword, Average Clothes, Nightsuit, Binoculars, Survival Kit, 3 doses Lethal Poison I, Thermal Goggles


BackgroundRIFT is a deadly martial artist she has trained with a blade all her life as her tribe is one of the few traditionalist remaining in Somalia. She has killed many men, bad men, Al Shabaab and other terrorist groups, fear this tribe and have avoided wandering into their territory lest they be murdered by its warriors. Unfortunately for her Al Shabaab eventually did take over that land and her people were forced to become refugees.

The Refugee camp was a terrible place but her tribe kept order as best they could, the tribe occasionally sent warriors in to reclaim their lands but their ranks became depleted and the only work they could find was as assassins. So she trained with the best warriors he tribe could offer and they all left to better themselves by doing Wetwork for those without the guts to do it themselves. Some stayed true to the tribe’s beliefs but many didn’t becoming little more than thugs. She was forced to kill these people who had strayed from the Tribe’s spirit and it damaged her in a big way. Eventually she broke down and was acquired by The Institute of the Mind, a psychiatric hospital in Manila operated as part of Chimera Medical Systems.

There HACLYON went to work he rebuilt her psyche to follow his commands and sent her to work as his personal hit woman. She has been roaming the world shutting down Conspiracy cells piece by piece as part of TEMPEST’s plan to eliminate The Conspiracy and its collaborators.

Description – Stalhe is an athletic Africa woman with numerous scars from her scores of conflicts with other assassins (including her brothers whom she was forced to kill once they lost their way). She doesn’t show her face if possible and masquerades as being a Muslim woman which works cause she has been doing wet work in predominately Muslim countries.

Attitude – Stalhe is mostly silent and has a great deal of love for her weapon (which she has had modified heavily to improve her skill) and treats it with utmost respect.

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