By Brad Clark

An agency for Spycraft

NATO Special Mission Assault Reconnaissance Teams were formed to make the most of the expertise that the Special Operations Forces of NATOs member nations offer. SMART answers directly to Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR).

SMART numbers approximately 1000 personnel with all of NATO providing contingents of varying sizes; the US, UK, Germany and France providing the bulk of team members. The former Warsaw Pact nations (i.e. Poland, Bulgaria etc) have also provided forces and Russia has sent observers on several missions.

The current commander is Oberst Gerhardt Strause of Germany’s KSK (Kommando Spezialkraefte). Oberst Strause is a 20-year veteran of NATO Special Ops and is very qualified and well suited to lead this multinational force. He has seen service in Africa, Yugoslavia, and Afghanistan and is believed to have participated on several black ops.

Teams vary is size from 4 members to 10. Each team is a permanent formation of various nationalities from within NATO members. The ideal team has a sniper and some sort of heavy weapons/grenadier expert although actual team composition will vary. Most teams try to maintain commonality with equipment and ammunition.


  • Must belong to the Special Forces Department.
  • Primary or secondary language English.
  • Member of NATO.
  • Weapon Group Proficiency Feat (handgun and rifle).

Known Missions

  • Elimination of an Al Quaida bioweapon lab in southern Afghanistan.
  • Combined Operation with Russian Spetnaz in the capture of a Chechen dirty nuke bomb.
  • Rescue of cruise liner passengers from IRA splinter cell on the North Atlantic.

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