Sicard, Hugh

From Charles Warrington’s Phoenix Rising campaign.

“Thirty pieces of Silver?! Heh, Don’t make me laugh. He would do it for ten.”


Operative: VULTURE Height: 5’11’’ Weight: 162 Age: 29 Sex: M
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Ethnicity: Caucasian
Country of Origin: Germany Department: Hired Gun Fixer 11

Strength – 15
Dexterity – 18
Constitution – 13
Intelligence – 18
Wisdom – 14
Charisma – 15

Vitality: 103
Wounds: 13
Defense: 23 ( 10 + 9 Class + 4 Dex)
Initiative: + 8 ( 4 Class + 4 Dex)

Special Abilities: Well Equipped (+ 15 BP for weapons and ammo),Professional (+ 3 to Intimidate and Stealth), Armor Proficiency (Light), Weapon Group Proficiency (Hurled)(Melee)(Handgun)(Rifle),Dextrous, Procure, Evasion (Fail for 1/2), Uncanny Dodge (Can’t be flanked), Improvisation, Sneak Attack + 5d6, Defensive Roll 1/session

Bluff + 16 (14 Rank + 2 Cha)
Boating + 11 (7 Rank + 4 Dex)
Climb + 9 (7 Rank + 2 Str)
Driver + 11 (7 Rank + 4 Dex)
Electronics + 18 (14 Rank + 4 Int)
Escape Artist + 18 (14 Rank + 4 Dex)
Forgery + 18 (14 Rank + 4 Int)
Jump + 9 (7 Rank + 2 Str)
Knowledge (Underworld) + 18 (14 Rank + 4 Int)
Open Lock + 18 (14 Rank + 4 Dex)
Profession (Criminal) + 16 (14 Rank + 2 Wis)
Profession (Mercenary) + 16 (14 Rank + 2 Wis)
Search + 18 (14 Rank + 4 Int)
Stealth + 20 (14 Rank + 4 Dex + 3 Department)

Languages – English (Native), German (Native), Swahilli, Tagalog, Russian, Farsi, and Arabic

Feats: Contracts (MM 125), Safe House, Cheap Shot (may add wisdom modifier to an opponent denied their dex bonus to defense), Immobilizing Strike (Reduce Sneak Attack Dice by 2 to reduce target speed by 5ft, can be used twice in a single attack), Fearsome Attack (May reduce sneak attack dice to inflict a -1 morale penalty to opponent’s attacks and Will saves for a number of rounds equal to wisdom x 2)

Base Attack Bonus + 8

Walther P99 9mm Pistol | + 12 AB | 1d10+1 | Error – 1 | Threat – 20 | Range – 25ft | Mods – CP, DP, DS
Switchblade | + 10 AB | 1d4 + 2 | Error -1 – 3 | Threat – 18-20

Fortitude: + 6 (5 Class + 1 Con)
Reflex + 11 (7 Class + 4 Dex)
Will + 5 (3 Class + 2 Wis)

Gear – Walther P99 9mm Pistol, 4 15 round P99 magazines loaded with Talons (bleeding causes 1 vitality point of damage per round), Switchblade, 1 WP Grenade (see MAG 41), Encrypted Headset Radio, Average Clothes, Smart Phone, Flashlight, Binoculars, Tactical Holster, Lock picking Kit

Walther P99 w/ Power Grip (Red Dot and Tri-Spectrum Flashlight) and Silencer


Backstory – Hugh Sicard is very good at infiltrating physical locations and sabotage, he was originally passed over by The Conspiracy for psychological risk but OWL figured he could control VULTURE’s base urges. So he came into the employ of OWL, the former leader of the Birds of Prey and along with FALCON,CONDOR, EAGLE, and HAWK they became a mercenary intelligence outfit. The group has mixed success but was starting to show greater promise in the underworld communities they frequented.

That all ended in India six years ago, The Birds of Prey were working in India on assignment for the Indian government against Maoist rebels there. They were just about to infiltrate the location with OWL on over-watch and FALCON in the passenger seat of the truck but they were found out. VULTURE had been contacted by the Chinese government prior to the start of their assignment, it was the one time OWL slipped up and told the team where they were going ahead of time. VULTURE informed the Chinese who contacted the Maoists prior to their infiltration, VULTURE was inside and FALCON, EAGLE, and CONDOR were just about to enter once they received the all clear that VULTURE had disabled security.

Unfortunately for the Birds the Maoists knew what was going on and fired into the truck killing EAGLE in a hail of bullets, they pulledCONDOR out of the truck and FALCON was just able to escape (but was injured) with OWL to their rally point. VULTURE followed with a squad of Maoists to finish them off but they escaped just asVULTURE was clearing the jungle with their enemies in tow.VULTURE attended the interrogation of CONDOR but when he didn’t talk the Maoists skinned him alive and their Chinese paymasters wired several million dollars to VULTURE’s private accounts.

He went to ground after that and showed up several times in South East Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe most certainly doing all sorts of criminal and mercenary work. He has been associated with a small criminal band doing more complex thefts and criminal behavior that VULTURE alone would be unable to accomplish.

DescriptionVULTURE is a fairly innocuous man who typically wears normal street clothes (typically ruffled and a little dirty). This belies his actual talent as a hardened criminal and experienced mercenary.

AttitudeVULTURE is a driven character overcome with an inflated sense of ego, he knows he’s bandit and enjoys it. He was always attracted to unpleasant folk ever since he was young and was hardened in prison back home in Germany for numerous counts of theft. Of course OWL didn’t know that consideringVULTURE does a really good job at covering his tracks with a long line of falsified papers going back 8 years.

Meta-Plot – Hugh was set up, the Maoists were not in fact terrorists but Archer Operatives on assignment against The Eyes of China, they knew he was coming because of signals intercepts and Archer had enough of these freelancers messing up their carefully crafted plans. Hugh got caught by their sensors and was apprehended and the truck was already going to be shot up once it got close enough, the base commander figured that the whole team would be inside. Once they figured out what was really going on they went to the exfil location and almost got the whole team in a single blow. With half his team gone OWL was forced to give up his ambitious goals and accepted an Archer Deal (new ID, relocation) and convinced ODIN to accept FALCON even though his record was rejected multiple times by Recruitment. Hugh believes that the others left him to an unfortunate fate having spent 4 years in an Agency Black Site in the middle of the Sudan and will not forgive the deaths of his teammates. Thats whats been driving him for so long and what scared RAT was his insistence in trying to find out about the Conspiracy and the dangers that meant. Vargas has been bugging his phones and monitoring his computer so she sent that information on to KITSUNE to scare him into nothingness.

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