Niafeh, Kadin

From Charles Warrington’s Phoenix Rising campaign.

Skilled Covert Courier with Broad Transport Connections


Height – 6’0ft
Weight – 178lbs
Age – 28
Sex – M
Hair Color – Black
Eye Color – Brown
Ethnic – Arabian
No Markings
Home Country – Syria
Department – Freelancer
Wheelman 6/ Courier 4

Strength 12
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 16
Charisma 16

Vitality – 118
Wounds – 14
Defense 20 (10 + 4 Dex + 6 Class)
Initiative – + 10 (6 Class + 4 Dex)

Special Abilities – 3/session Connections (Free favor check), Light and Medium Armor Proficiency, Melee, Handgun, Rifle, and Tactical Weapon Proficiency, Custom Ride (6GP), Lucky (Double Action Die on Mechanics and Vehicle Rolls), Daredevil, Kick Start 1/session,Familiarity +1, Elbow Grease + 2, Custom Rider, Frequent Flier(3/session Transportation favor check), Protect the Package(1/session declare a package, that package gains + 3 hardness), All over the World {Grand Skill Mastery (World Traveler)}, Stash It(DRAGONFLY stashes a package in such a way that all attempts to find it fail unless the GC spends 3 action dice), A to B (10% reduction in travel time past an hour, successful travel favor check (DC20) to reduce it by 25%)

Balance + 17 (13 Rank + 4 Dex)
Boating + 19 (13 Rank + 4 Dex + 2 Speed Demon, 19-20)
Cultures (Talented) + 16 (13 Rank + 3 Wis)
Driver + 19 (13 Rank + 4 Dex + 2 Speed Demon, 19-20)
Jump + 14 (13 Rank + 1 Str)
Pilot + 19 (13 Rank + 4 Dex + 2 Speed Demon, 19-20)
Sleight of Hand + 12 (4 Cross-Class (8) + 4 Rank + 4 Dex)
Stealth + 14 (4 Cross Class (8) + 6 Rank + 4 Dex)

Feats – Private Identity, Talented (Cultures), Speed Demon, Defense Driving, World Traveler, Mingling Basics, Fade to Black

Base Attack Bonus – + 8

HK MP-7 9mm SMG + 12 AB | 2d4+1 | 1-2 Error | 20 Threat | Range – 30ft | Mods – AP, CP, CS, DT, SS, no burst
Combat Knife + 9 AB | 1d6+1 | 1-2 Error | 20 Threat | Close Range | Mods – CP

Gear – HK MP-7 Submachine Gun w/ Short Suppressor and Standard LASER sights, 4 20 round magazines, Ceramic Combat Knife, Courier Pouch, Smart Phone w/ GPS, 2 Cell Phones, Average Clothes, Binoculars, Inertial Compass, Leatherman, Travel Manuals, Knee and Elbow Pads, Portable Power Unit

Fortitude + 5 (3 Class + 2 Con)
Reflex + 13 (9 Class + 4 Dex)
Will + 6 (3 Class + 3 Wis)

Custom Ride – High Performance Car w/ Hidden Armored Compartment
Size – Large | Occupants – 1/3 | Handling – + 4 | Speed – 700 ft |MPH 70/140 | Defense – 13 | Wounds – 110 | Hardness – 7


Background – Kadin got started early as a courier, as a boy he carried messages between his family’s tribes for their business dealings because some regions in Syria still didn’t have phone access. He moved on to more difficult assignments later and showed great skill in driving especially in the deserts of his homeland. Eventually he worked his way down to the Coast and started dealing with pirates ferrying the cash from corporate accounts to the pirates themselves. Pirates liked to deal in cash and would occasionally use him to source new parts for their boats and smuggle other goods in. He learned how to fly a plane and pilot a boat during this time and eventually made it big when he was contracted by a group of shadowy people for rendition flights and corporate data flights (carrying a hard drive physically to a location rather than sending the data remotely).

This proved very profitable and he’d been performing those services for sometime till Gabriella contacted him and asked whether or not he could be put on retainer for her company as she has a lot of covert messages to deliver and would prefer someone with a history of discretion. Due to the nature of law enforcement in his normal area he has avoided any criminal charges, he flies under the RADAR and makes regularly transatlantic and transindian trips.

Description – Kadin is an attractive Arab man, he normally wears western clothing but will don appropriate apparel for the region. He is nondescript (all the better to blend into the crowd) but is talkative (even on assignment) and enjoys talking about exotic destinations but would never reveal any details.

Attitude – Kadin is well-balanced and enjoys conducting business in person rather than via a dead drop, its not that he’s against it (and will do so if ordered) but he enjoys people. He is a devout Sunni Muslim so that colors his personality and he puts no faith in the Saudi Wahabi Teachings. He has been able to make enough contacts to slip through customs though so he isn’t singled out and forced to waste his time.

MeansDRAGONFLY has a wide net of contacts capable of moving any cargo almost anywhere and he is a capable courier and smuggler himself with a specialty in discretion. He is a a capable shot but prefers to flee rather than stand and fight it out with anyone.

MethodsDRAGONFLY is really good at his job he runs a great deal of Static’s logistics in the Congo and is the official covert courier for Vargas.

MotivesDRAGONFLY is primarily in it for the money although the constant excitement keeps him on his toes. This is something he loves especially when someone competent tracks him down and starts to chase him, its a personal challenge that he lives on.

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