La’Farga, Isiah

From Charles Warrington’s Phoenix Rising campaign.

Surgeon with a Rifle


Height – 5’10ft
Weight – 168lbs
Age – 27
Sex – M
Hair Color – Brown
Eye Color – Brown
Ethnic – Caucasian
No Markings
Home Country – France
Department – Peace Officer
Soldier 5/ Sniper 7

Strength 14
Dexterity 21
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 18
Charisma 14

Vitality – 144
Wounds – 14
Defense 21 (10 + 6 Class + 5 Dex)
Initiative – + 15 (10 Class + 5 Dex)

Special Features – All Weapon Proficiency, All Armor Proficiency,Accurate (Roll 2 action dice on weapon attacks, Str and Con skills), DR 1/-, Armor Use + 1, Precise (Add 2 action dice on weapon damage rolls), Reposition (Run and Mobility), Magic Touch (+ 2 on firearms rolls), Deadly Aim (Sneak Attack + 1d6, 3 range increment),One Shot (Reduce Firearms error by 1), Surprise Shot (Increase threatened (via PBS) range by 1)

Awareness + 16 (8 Rank + 4 Wis + 4 Department)
Balance + 20 (15 Rank + 5 Dex)
Climb + 15 (13 Rank + 2 Str)
Jump + 14 (12 Rank + 2 Str)
Stealth + 20 (15 Rank + 5 Dex)
Surveillance + 16 (2 (4cc) + 6 Rank + 4 Wis + 4 Department)
Swim + 8 (6 Rank + 2 Str)
Tumble + 15 (10 Rank + 5 Dex)

Languages – English, French (Native), Welsh, Italian

Feats – Far Shot, Talented (Surveillance), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Marksman, Extreme Range, Increased Precision, Bulls-eye, Sharp Shooting, Sniper, Improved Equilibrium, Moving Target

Base Attack Bonus – + 12

Fusil FR-F2 +20 AB | 4d4 + 3 | Error – 0 | Threat – 17-20 | Range – 350ft | Mods – IN Adjustable Bipod

Fortitude + 8 (6 Class + 2 Con)
Reflex + 14 (9 Class + 5 Dex)
Will + 11 (3 Class + 4 Wis + 4 Department)

Gear – Fusil FN-FR 2, 20 7.62×51mm SJESC rounds (reduce DR by 3, half on unarmored), 50 7.62×51mm JHP rounds (+ 1 damage, x2 DR), Tactical Briefcase, Removable Suppressor, 16x Day/Night Scope, Fixed Tripod w/ Case, Professional Digital Camera w/ 8x Zoom Lens and Case, Average Clothes, Camouflage Fatigues, Binoculars


Backstory – Isiah La’Farga grew up in a low class neighborhood in Lyon to a single mother who worked as a secretary. Living in Lyon he looked up to the metro police and INTERPOL, which is located in that city, and wanted to become a cop. He went to Lyon’s Police Academy and scored very high in marksmanship enough thatGIGN took an interest in the rookie cop. After serving 2 years in Lyon’s CTS (Counter Terrorism Squad) he became a sniper forGIGN and has scored numerous kills. Eventually the stress grew on him and he started to unravel, he was eventually discharged fromGIGN and went back to Lyon’s CTS for another 6 months before he quit.

Aimless he hitchhiked across France for a year living in Hostels and Boarding Homes until TEMPEST found him in Marseilles about to drown in the Mediterranean on one of his trips home. He enlisted the young man in his own personal version of the Agency training program and found out that he was a very effective operative for long duration recon and precision elimination work. Since thenDRAKE has been TEMPEST’s most effective operative in the field (and his personal secret) and has stalked and eliminated dozens of Archer Conspiracy stragglers.

TEMPEST has taken a fairly paternal stance with DRAKEconsidering he has no son of his own and the young man is about as old as his granddaughter. His advice and connections have managed to calm his restless soul although he still smokes like a chimney (a bad habit that TEMPEST has been trying to correct slowly).

DescriptionDRAKE wears normal street clothes with no real preference except whats for sale, typically they are ruffled and dirty but occasionally he will change into fresh clothes when on the hunt. He is in good shape thanks to the rigorous training program that TEMPEST keeps him on at his house in Paris.

AttitudeDRAKE is incredibly patient and meticulous trying to learn as much about his target as possible by stalking them and breaking into their house and office to gain more information. He tries to know their patterns and keeps an eye out for good vantage points to set up should he have to.

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