Koll, John William

From Charles Warrington’s Phoenix Rising campaign.

Mastermind of Chimera, One of the Most Dangerous Men in the World


Height – 6’0
Weight – 196
Age – 72
Sex – M
Hair Color – Gray
Eye Color – Blue
Ethnic – Caucasian
No Markings
Home Country – US
Snoop 6 / Illuminati 10

Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 22
Wisdom 18
Charisma 20

Vitality – 144
Wounds – 12
Defense 22 (10 + 11 Class + 1 Dex)
Initiative – + 11 (10 Class + 1 Dex)

Special AbilitiesIntelligence Training (Profession (Espionage), + 5 Cryptography and Languages, + 4 threat Gather Info and Cultures, Cryptography Basics), Light Armor Proficiency, Handgun and Melee Proficiency, Astute (Double Action die for Int-based skills), Flawless Search , Intuition (1/session free intuition check), Jury-Rig + 3, Back Door (NSA), Special Ability (Intercept Communications 1/session),Shadowy Mentor (Each time TEMPEST spends an action die to recruit a mole it doubles), Plausible Deniability (+ 1 skill point to spend in bureaucracy, + 8 DC to find out about TEMPEST’s activities, error range increases by 6), Trusted Advisor {Political Clout and Immunity Feats (EC 72)}, Money Talks (Quarter money for bribing a street assistance government source), Red Tape(1/session select one individual to monitor, add wisdom mod to gather information and search skills regarding that individual, may attempt to counter a favor check), Vast Resources (Filthy Rich, roll twice for Field Expenses), Conspiracy Theory (Increase cooperation bonus for secret (Stealth, Sleight of Hand, Bluff, Search) activities by 5), Puppetmaster (4x max number of moles with Handler feat, All moles have worshiper loyalty, contact within 1 hour without using action dice), Total Control (as F/P 51)

Alertness + 16 (12 Rank + 4 Wis)
Bluff + 23 (4 Cross-Class + 14 Rank + 5 Cha)
Bureaucracy + 24 (19 Rank + 5 Cha)
Computers + 25 (19 Rank + 6 Int)
Concentration + 12 (11 Rank + 1 Con)
Cryptography + 30 (19 Rank + 6 Int + 5 Department)
Cultures + 21 (17 Rank + 4 Wis, 17-20)
Diplomacy + 22 (17 Rank + 5 Cha)
Gather Information + 24 (19 Rank + 5 Cha, 17-20)
Hobby (Chess) + 14 (10 Rank + 4 Wis)
Innuendo + 23 (4 Cross-Class + 14 Rank + 5 Cha)
Knowledge (Espionage) + 16 (10 Rank + 6 Int)
Knowledge (Game Theory) + 11 (5 Rank + 6 Int)
Languages + 14 (5 Rank + 4 Wis + 5 Department)
Profession (Espionage) + 23 (19 Rank + 4 Wis)
Search + 22 (16 Rank + 6 Int)
Sense Motive + 23 (19 Rank + 4 Wis)
Surveillance + 18 (14 Rank + 4 Wis)

Languages – English (Midwest), French (Native), Spanish (Iberian), Russian (St. Petersburg), Arabic (Riyadh), Farsi (Tehran), Portuguese (Brazilian), Thai (Rural), Filipino (Manila), Japanese (Northern), Chinese (Mandarin, Rural), Swahili (Rural)

Feats – Undermine, Handler, Political Favors, Charmer, Hard Core, “Always Get Your Man”, Cryptology Mastery, Photographic Memory

Base Attack Bonus – + 8

Sig Sauer P226 + 9 AB | 1d10 + 1 | Error – 1 | Threat – 20 | Mods – DP, RG

Fortitude + 8 (7 Class + 1 Con)
Reflex + 7 (6 Class + 1 Dex)
Will + 14 (10 Class + 4 Wis)


History – James W. Koll, the oldest son of Richard X. Koll, a senator from Nebraska, was always destined for greatness. His father had made a fortune during his service in the War (WWII) he joined S.O.D. (Special Operations Directorate), a covert Allied group specializing in destroying Axis infrastructure and participated inMAGIC and PURPLE, the Allied Cryptography effort.

Eventually he found his way to Berlin (Richard) and seized quite a bit of Nazi plunder which he used to gain influence in Washington. He had James with a French woman in Marseilles whom Richard married and brought to the states. James, Richard, Angelica, and Mary lived in two worlds, their father owned four hundred acres in Nebraska and one hundred Acres west of Marseilles.

James grew up in a tumultuous time, McCarthyism, prejudice, war, and fear were omnipresent. His father was one of the silent partners behind the CIA and eventually James became a silent partner in the NSA as well as one of their brightest minds. His every development was polarized by his father’s libertarian teachings, a contradiction considering their work involves robbing indiividuals of their liberty.

James inherited his father’s talent and personality as well as charisma and acumen. He would have become a master financier but choose to oversee the NSA for years even as he worked with The Archer Conspiracy (whom he thought was a more able and capable force than any government with complete liberty of operations). Eventually he retired from the NSA (at age 52) after that he went into the Conspiracy full time building their archives using numerous stolen documents from American, European, and Russia intelligence services.

James was a valuable asset to the Conspiracy he was an essential scientific and analytical mind with a talent for noticing patterns of all types. He led numerous research projects and cultural support teams on their behalf. Numerous times he sparred with the other controls (especially Alpha, ODIN) over operations and vision. He has also operated dozens of covert operations (so has every other control often without the other’s knowing) which managed to enrich him and increase his personnel (which is how he managed to get HALCYON off MKULTRA with most of his data intact) strength. The Archer Conspiracy was primarily a HUMINToperation (a lot of which was controlled by Delta whom he despised as a crooked witch) James was essential to building the Archives and implementing The Conspiracy’s unique fusion technology (which has only recently filtered to the US military and their allies).

When BLACKJACK occurred though he saw how powerless The Conspiracy really was against a major force. Years of attrition had reduced the talent of their operatives and the group was reliant on skilled individuals hired out on a contract basis. This was the end of the line for TEMPEST he managed to get Charlie control (STONEFACE, Maj. Thomas Ferron, USMC ret.) on-board to removed Alpha (ODIN) and Delta (THORN) from the picture. ODINwas clearly leading The Conspiracy to being irrelevant or at worst draconian (which is the opposite of how it should be).

A change of leadership was needed TEMPEST acquired some of his best direct action teams to dismantle ODIN and THORN’s support infrastructure he sunk many accounts (which he used to finance the Chimera Initiative) and killed dozens of agents. In the final showdown STONEFACE was killed by poison shot into him byLIGHTNING, ODIN and his family died of a new virulent poison thatHEMLOCK had created, TEMPEST was injured by a gunshot wound by THORN who then disappeared. He is unaware of the fact that Vargas is now THORN (although he does know her true past).

DescriptionTEMPEST has silver hair that is immaculate groomed, he has intense charisma and numerous stories of his life (which he enjoys sharing at social events). He typically wears tailored custom suits when out in public and has a wide variety of power ties. His entourage is numerous as he has at least 8 people on his security team as well as three assistants (a chauffeur and two secretaries) not to mention the other hanger on’s. The limo he rides in is heavily armored and he has a four car motorcade (two leads and a rear car).

AttitudeTEMPEST is a brilliant man and he knows it, his intelligence combined with his financial assets makes him incredibly powerful having a lobbying firm in three countries (USA,RSA, and Thailand) as well as numerous sub-corporations under one umbrella company (Allied Dynamics) which is financing the Chimera Initiative.

Goal – The world is locked by the Status Quo its my job to free the wheels of change. Advance liberty and build the future to be a better place.

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